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Just have lighted so that really helped me. I love that book by which is again a artist spiritual path to higher creativity but julia cameron. It really does get it. That spiritual peace of this of it and and honestly i would recommend anybody even if you already agreed or even if you don't think you're creative that book will help you expand your mind and your spirit to do all kinds of things even stuff that you don't see his creative work you'll do it differently. After you read that book. I wish last week. Oh gosh this dr seuss all the places you'll go and also all the babar books because i'm gonna write a children's book centered around little brown baby and it's going to be a mix of l. Elise is going to be a mix of baba and is going to be a mix of all the places. You'll go because little brown. Bobby is going to be a solo traveler as you go all over the world and she's gonna mimic me because i've been to concentrate except for Are and i'm going to get there. But yeah i'm a solo traveler. It opens you up in the world when you really go places by yourself because you're not behold into what other people want to do it also get to see it. Refresh is your own is. You're not distracted by someone else. So lou brown baby is going to be a children's book and she's going to be a solid traveler and that i was inspired by those books. Oh that's dope. Yo everybody make sure you check out those books. So betty how can people get a hold of you all. I'm everywhere. bevy. Smith this bevy smith into my website. Bevy smith dot com. If you wanna know where you can find me before my appearances and events and things like that all right in the book is called. Bev relations lessons from a mother. Auntie bessie it will soon be a it and claim it the way bevy do. It's going to be a new york. Times bestseller is going to be a hit is going to be a movie and it's going to be just another powerful testimony to how much of a force in the world bevy smith. Maybe i love. You is good to see you thank you. Thanks for hanging. Thank you thank you for listening to coffee and books. Make sure to follow us on instagram. With the handle coffee and books show. that's coffee. Eight n d books show. Also you can buy all the books that i've been discussing here at bookshop dot org slash shop slash uncle. Bobby's or you can go straight to uncle. Bobby's dot com. That's uncle b. o. B. b. i. e. s. dot com..

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