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Now whether it's a felony committed by the police a politician or even an average citizen you can find all of this and so much more over at line. Liberty dot com advancing the ideas of liberty daily. Some of you asked and now we've delivered. Fm's live keene. New hampshire studio shows are now streamed in hd on twitch visit our channel at twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm and. Give it a follow. If you have amazon prime you get one free subscription on twitch if you use it on our channel two which will give l. r. n. Dot fm a monthly piece of your prime subscription cost so please watch follow share and subscribed to twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm that's twitch dot l. r. n. dot fm. Sell four. one. One is a free app for android and ios that replaces government control nine. One one cell phone on one allows you to preset a group of friends or privatization. Show up any emergency. Sell four one. One is a nightmare for the state. Because it proves their so-called services are needed sell four one one thousands of installs and of course it's covered by the pitcock government license. Sell four one one because your friends shoot you. When you're in trouble without the government would the emergency services and sell for one one get it today and get cell. Four one one dot com. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network lie and hotlanta newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the public new service newscaster boy the nineteen twenty twenty one mike clifford most extreme weather events in the. Us have been on the hotter and wetter side. Recent years including fires and floods but climate experts say the catastrophic winter storm in texas is another example of global warming his ross brown edward. My bach is the director of the center for climate change communication at george mason university. He says climate change is a complicated topic and not completely understood. And that might explain why. The texas energy grid couldn't handle demand during this week storm why the public utility operators across texas were expecting the possibility of a massive cold snap. They just haven't had time to recognize that as a threat my back says it's believed these stabilization of the polar vortex is why we've seen such events as a heatwave in greenland and a severe cold snap across the southern united states amid widespread power losses. Millions of texans have also been advised to boil their water for safety. And as first responders deal with texas's statewide power and water crisis business insider reports republican. Senator ted cruz office ask the houston police department for security detail at the airport. I have a family trip to cancun. Crews claimed the joint was really an overnight trip to chaperone his kids who wanted to vacation with friends. Explain it away as him wanting to be a good dad. Business insider adds an unnamed source said the crews had initially planned to take a united airlines flight back to texas. On saturday his itinerary abruptly changed thursday morning a fact that was later also reported on nbc. By peter alexander. It remains unclear if the widespread criticism in any way impacted cruises return date. Healthcare workers have often been called heroes during the pandemic but they're advocates say. The sentiment can be quickly forgotten by the public including in some cases their deaths. What the help of infectious disease. Expert michael oester home. The saint paul and minnesota foundation recently launched the frontline families fund. It provides emergency grants and scholarships the families of healthcare workers who have died from covid. Nineteen jeremy wells with foundation says. The fund is designed for situations in which the person behind a lot of wealth. Let's say they were nursing eight or something that's not a highly paid profession versus physician. That past that you know who had a five or ten million dollar life insurance policy. There are two phases for the grants. One provides fifteen thousand dollars for funeral costs the second round funds up to sixty thousand dollars for long term expenses. They're administered by the separate brave of heart fund which was established with the same mission. I'm might mohan. This is p. ns ohio lawmakers from both parties and both chambers are joining forces on a bill to abolish the death penalty in the state senator making antonio sexual introduced legislation to replace execution as punishment for murder with a sentence of life without parole the lakewood area democrat worked on a similar bill last year. Because this much more robust push we're saying the same things we've said in the past but we were seeing them with a stronger voice. Since nineteen seventy six eleven innocent people have been exonerated after death. Sentences in ohio including kwami ajami. He was on death row. Nearly three decades before being freed in two thousand fourteen in devil placement in state of ohio would be willing to dawn out of my good my blood into my heart department freedom life. According to the death penalty information center public support for the death penalty is at its lowest and a half century. Ohio is among the twentieth states capital punishment with one hundred and forty one people on death. Row mary sherman reporting. This story was produced in association with media and the public interest in funded in part by the george foundation navigating the healthcare system can be difficult on a good day dealing with insurance companies doctors deductibles and copays frustrating but in a recent survey margaret is in reports arizona's getting a surprise medical bill after a hospital visit as of the top of their list. Surprise bills are those sent by out of network providers sometimes for thousands of dollars on top of what your insurance pays william mcgovern with the arizona. Public interest research group education fund says other than the cost. Perhaps the biggest problem with these bills is that most people never see them coming patients. You the right thing they go in. They check ahead of time at hospitals in network in even check that the primary doctor there against his network but other doctors that they see whether they're or maybe the hospital center tests to lab or imaging don and those services end up being out of network mcgovern says regulations are currently in place to help arizonans deal with surprise bills. Finally eric ticket off tells us while washington state lawmakers consider a bill to clean up the energy that buildings run on some cities and institutions are already leading the way house bill. Ten eighty four would put the state on a path to decarbonising the building sector the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. In the state last week the seattle school board committed to run on one hundred percent clean and renewable energy by twenty forty board members zachary to wolf co wrote the resolution and says he was inspired by a speech from the valedictorians of seattle high school in two thousand nineteen. What are you. We have eight to ten years before we were going to be at a.

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