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Surname. It was after this marriage that she changed her. First name to dell phyllis lyon was born in tulsa oklahoma on november tenth nineteen twenty four at a young age phyllis. His family moved to northern california. Phyllis stayed close to home for college. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the university of california berkeley in nineteen forty six. After a few years of working as a general reporter phillips left california and took a job on the editorial staff of two magazines in seattle washington dell and phyllis met for the first time. When del joined villas magazine staff the to immediately hit it off and became fast friends. Their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship and on valentine's day of nineteen fifty three. They moved into a place together in san francisco. Their neighborhood in san francisco was a very catholic working class. Heterosexual community delon. Phyllis struggled with isolation as they found it difficult to develop a social network to combat this lack of connection and community. They founded the daughters of believed us or in nineteen fifty five. The name was inspired by a collection of erotic poems called songs of believes that celebrated lesbian sexuality at its inception. Do be consisted of eight members. It was the first lesbian civil and political rights organization in the united states. It was intended to be a secret social club for lesbians who did not feel comfortable going to bars. At that time gay and lesbian bars were being raided and harassed by police the do be transformed into a community where lesbians could feel safe to come out connect with other lesbians and find support to cope with the challenges of being unaccepted by much of society. Dell and fila served as counselors to their fellow members they provided rides to meetings and offered consolation members were having problems in their personal lives. They understood and commiserated with women who feared losing their jobs their homes and their families due to their sexuality although they originally intended for the group to be a secret del villas decided they wanted to give the group more visibility recognition with phyllis as the fearless editor. Do be began publishing. A monthly magazine called the ladder. It was the first nationally distributed lesbian publication in the us and dell and phyllis point to capitalize the word lesbian. Every time it appeared dell and phyllis were inducted into the lgbt journalists hall of fame for their work on the ladder in two thousand five in the early nineteen sixties there was a rise of oppression and violence against the homosexual community philipson dell worked alongside other gay and lesbian activists to urge state legislators to change california laws that criminalized homosexuality the legislators told them that if they wanted to make progress with their movement they should focus with religious leaders. Phyllis and del met with progressive methodist clergyman. Ted mack o. Vana ted was in charge of the young adult outreach program at the glide urban center through his outreach he'd realized that many of the homeless youth in the program were misunderstood gay men who were driven to the streets after being ostracized by their friends and families because ted himself was heterosexual. He sought support from local homa file organizations. Ted invited phyllis and del to a historic consultation between religious leaders gay and lesbian activists in nineteen sixty four the council on religion and the homosexual was born. It was the first.

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