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Is Ted Talk. This is a Ding Ding Ding Ding. The more you know all rolled into one white people get your shit together. We're allowed to use monkeys. If we're talking about the new monkey documentary on National Geographic. But we do not use monkeys in fights with people of other races. Get your shit to gather but there is more coming from southern charm. So you're just GONNA have to hold on for more moving onto Tuesday's news wait. You didn't have to wait too long. We're back to Southern Charm Cameron bangs announced. She will not be returning to Bravo's hit show. It got really ugly really fast with all of the reasons. Why Cameron was alleged to decide not to come back. The rumor that has had the biggest effect on Cameron and parties. Involved were the one of her husband having an affair and I truly feel bad for the woman who has allegedly had the affair with Cameron's husband. Because Oh gosh I would not want to have that. It was rough. It was rough Rebecca. Wash the alleged other woman said quote. These hurtful accusations are blatant unfounded lies. That have shaken me to my core. It is so sad. These rumors have come and just taken over her life. She said quote. I've been wrongfully accused of having a relationship with the husband of Catherine eubanks of southern charm. She went on to explain that she had quote. Never met Jason Wimberly or Cameron in my life. Apparently this woman is a makeup artist in the area knows a bunch of people. It's a small area and who I just feel bad. This is so sad. Rebecca also said quote. I am not a religious follower of southern charm but as a makeup artist and resident of the Charleston Area. It is impossible not to know who the cast of the show is. I have never laid eyes or interacted with Jason. Wimberly or cameron or anyone in their beautiful family other than on television Rebecca. Wash also said that Catherine Dennis is the one who started the rumors and she had said that she had met Catherine once in twenty eighteen when she did her makeup for a photo shoot at a clothing store in the neighborhood. She hasn't seen or spoken to Catherine since and that the only interactions that they've ever had has been in a professional capacity so the fact that these rumors have come about from Catherine allegedly she described as quote dumb founding hurtful and militias. And that just breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that uninvolved people get drug through the mud like this again. This is just a little tease for our news. Later on in this episode about somebody being blamed wrongfully finishing up on Tuesday's news I mentioned earlier about how celebrities in reality stars are just clueless. Totally unaware of the world around them case in point. Khloe freaking Kardashian this chick toilet paper. D- Her sister's house so it was a prank. We I mean this was Super Fun when we were like ten twelve thirteen fourteen years old but these are grown women. Khloe thought it would be funny to toilet paper. Courtney's backyard while we're in the middle of a pandemic and there is a shortage of toilet paper to these people. Just not get it. Currently Kardashians backyard is massive. I can't even imagine how many wipes from what they ended up wasting go. Figure FANS had an effing fit and were just unbelievably. Put off by the level of privilege the level of unawareness from these people and I was just surprised that people were so surprised. Oh the Kardashians. What are you GonNa do all right moving onto Wednesday? This was a big one for me as a Sheena Shea Stan. I was shaken to my core. When the news of breed dellinger came out. Pre dellinger is one of several editors on Bravo's vander pump rules. She was on a podcast called the twisted plot podcast and she had some quotes of her. I actually took a screen grab. It's on my instagram page. I had grabbed from a bravo fan page. They had grabbed it. I reposted it. It is of bree saying that. She has purposely intentionally cut pieces of Schinas interviews and piece them together to make her look like a fool that she goes through looks at all of China's content and picks the most ridiculous things. And that's why she gets the edit that she does. I think that she understands. I get it when you're on reality. Tv You don't get to pick your edit. She has always been a good sport. I just am very bothered by this situation because it makes me really sad that a woman would do that to another woman. I honestly hate that. I wrote an article called the emancipation of and it was about the justice through Sheena Hashtag. Let's begin spreading like wildfire because of this revelation on the twisted plot. Podcast with Evelyn Marley. Here are some quotes from bree quote. If she knew what was good for her she'd befriend me because my favorite game is finding all of the embarrassing things that she does and putting them all in she later said quote. The editors joke that China's memoir will be death by million embarrassments. Not Cool not cool. This is where it became very problematic for Sheena rather than just looking stupid. This is where it became very detrimental to her livelihood this regards to the super cringe scene. Where she know was sat next to stop sees fourteen year old brother Nikolai and she was making small talk with him. Brees said quote. It was so funny we were watching the scene and we were like okay. This is over the top. I realize that. But how can we resist? Yes I said it to funny music and I added a funny soundbite but she did that and then she said we asked her in the interview. How young would you go? We didn't tell her it was for the Nikolai seen. Of course so. This came out this piece of news. This sound bite. This has been quoted in several blogs whatnot. So I did. What any high-quality journalist would do and I went to the listen to this podcast. This twisted plot podcast with Evelyn Marlee. It had been taken down so I did as much digging as I could to write a well rounded article with the means that I had which were soundbites and quotes from this interview at this point. Sheena had done an instagram live feed and she had done a youtube interview so I was able to grab things from both of those sources. But I wasn't able to grab anything from the twisted plot podcast because it was taken down. So that's the story justice for Sheena. That was Wednesday. This is what breaks my heart on Thursday. There was intense backlash because of the twisted plot. Podcast but not on Brie Brie dellinger. Which in my opinion from what I had access to you at that time. Bree dellinger looked like an anti feminist. She looked like a troll. Who was looking to embarrass somebody but what got me is in the the Youtube interview that she did it was with Danny Pellegrino from the everything iconic podcast. She said that she had people pull out of advertisements after that episode with Nikolai. So the fact that. Bree admitted to trolling. Sheena editing it to make her look bad and then admitting to asking Sheena a question out of context in using her answer to make her look like a child Predator. That's a huge fucking problem and I'm not fucking okay with that also not fucking okay with people bullying the host of the podcast Evelyn. Evelyn is a friend of a friend. I have not met her or talk to her in person but I follow her page. It's called this one's for you tonight and I did listen to one of our podcast while ago because my friend. Chelsea who you guys know. She is from the instagram account at Bravo. And she's been on my podcast a few times. We've gone live on instagram together. And she's amazing so Chelsea is a mutual friend of Evelyn in high. It is so fucking sad. People have gone on to Evelyn's podcast page left. So many one-star reviews totally trashed her show. Because of something that somebody else said and that is not okay. I've had people on my show that I don't necessarily agree with but you listen. You keep the conversation going and as an interviewer. It's not our job to be socially conscious justice warriors at all times. Sometimes when you're interviewing for me personally on this podcast if I'm by myself I will go ahead and give social justice where I think social justices do but when you interview somebody it's to give them a platform and let their voice be heard. An I in my opinion didn't think it was Evelyn's place at that point to go ahead. And get all feminist on bree when she was interviewing about trashing. Sheena she just let her to tell her story in what I was able to listen to at this point because she had taken the episode down it breaks my heart that Evelyn is getting such heat. So if you don't mind at home please listen to the twisted plot. Podcast there are maybe ten or twelve episodes. You can listen to you. She has in fact re released the episode with Brie Dellinger. So you can go through and listen to that interview on your own here. The whole thing and here the full story told so you can then go ahead and make your opinions and base your opinions on the full story. I have invited Evelyn to be on my podcast. So she has a chance to share her story to get justice for Evelyn. And I would do the same for bree because I wrote a story about justice for Sheena at this point. If brief feels that she has been treated unfairly and needs a venue to have her story told. I would love to be that person but she is not on social media right now so I can't reach out to her. I have reached out to Evelyn and I really hope she takes me up on being on this podcast. Alright also on Thursday God. This was a messy as week. You guys this week was messy a F. So we've had two pieces of southern charm news already between Catherine's resist Monkey Emoji and then the news of Catherine eubanks leaving the show. We've also learned that Naomi and Chelsea are not coming back to southern charm as well. I mean this some mass exodus. This is very problematic for the future of the show. I even wonder what's going to happen with the future of the Xiao Thomas. Revenues had so many legal issues. I don't think he's allowed on camera anymore. People are canceling Catherine Dennis. After the racist Monkey Emoji Saga people are taking endorsements away from her and now the news of Chelsea Naomi. I mean this show if it does come back it is going to look very very different. Sources told People magazine quote. They both in referring to Chelsea Naomi here told production. They weren't returning to the show months ago. Naomi posted on instagram. She commented on post quote. I'm so damn proud of you and us. And then she tagged Chelsea in that also the People magazine insider continued quote Naomi and Chelsea Light Cam just tired of the reality. Tv drama and don't want to live their lives this way. There was another source that dish to people in regards to Naomi's current relationship status with her boyfriend. Is it me tall? Shah that source said quote. She's seen what reality television can do to relationships and isn't interested in exposing herself. Again to that kind of scrutiny. The source said that. She's very happy in her relationship. And there is no reason to interfere with that. Ooh southern charm fans. Wow I am so anxious to hear your take on all of these departures. It is over freaking whelming. I have to come clean. I watched southern charm here and there just as background noise. I truly get so triggered with the southern franchises. I guess because I'm from the south and there's so much of the racial undertones that I grew up with that I'm not comfortable being around. I don't I grew up around generational racism and even though that might not be slap across your face obvious to others. I see it on a very deep level in southern charm. I have for since the beginning. Same thing with real housewives of Dallas. Not just as whole Leeann Racist Saga. That happened in this most recent season. I think it was season four or five yet. It's been a thing since the beginning. I really really struggle with these southern franchises. And this is exactly why. It's just becoming more and more blatant and I'm not here for it wrapping up this crazy week in reality TV and celebrity news. We have an update on the Mary. Kate Olsen Divorce Mary. Kate is the twin who married that Super Ass. Old Guy Something I forget..

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