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How Do We Fix It?


Before we have another lively conversation Jim. Let's go to our recommendation. Richard We've been having this beautiful fall weather in the northeast and you know it's we're in the final days of it probably. So I've been spending a lotta time out in the yard tinkering around in my garden and working on various projects and I love listening to podcasts while I do that sometimes I burn out on politics. So my latest favorite is a podcast called fifty years of music with fifty year old white guys. Now I. I WANNA get out of the way my annoyance at everybody having to identify their race in a jokey self deprecating way. But nonetheless, these guys are hilarious. They're really smart it's three. Brands I. Think it sounds like they met in college live in different parts of the country. They're absolutely avid music fans kind of music nerds and they decided to a podcast where they would go back and try to pick their favourite songs from each year. They they've been alive. So they start in nine, hundred, sixty nine, but they are really thoughtful and funny Examiners of just what makes pop music work, and why do we love and what what kind of a plan our lives. Great and what's it called again, it's called fifty years of music with fifty year old white guys. One more quick note about podcasts with music last week, spotify launched a new creation platform that makes it much easier for podcasters to add full tracks of music to their shows. So expect many more music based podcast be launched. In the future. We have a link to an article about this on our podcast website. How do we fix it dot me Adrian Wooldridge said Jim, we need to spend more on government in the short term updating it making it. More, efficient as a squishy libertarian what do you think of that idea? Well, I think he's right. We need a government, this more competent and what I thought was most productive in the analysis was what's wrong with our current system he's not advocating just pouring more money into our current inefficient system. He wants to loosen up how we judge what fair pay is civil servants. I think that's very smart. If someone is a financial expert and they're working for the government. They could make millions in the private sector that doesn't mean the has to the millions, but it should probably pay them more than. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. One stunning thing was what he said about people working on it in the government. and. This is what happens when you have a system that rewards..

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