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A restaurant three miles from where we are on our to kill the Milano to kill an ambassador in a crowded in bass into that only came to light because the Iranian backed terrorists reached out to eight on the cover D. E. A. informant to plan the hit we are in America and when told that it would cause a ton of civilian casualties were to someone and say after good he said the more the merrier so here's what's happening the Democratic Party first they rooted for Russia collusion didn't happen then they refer recession do you happen either are you can track of this a hang up first it was the wrong solution or write this down and it was a recall recession now they're effectively ready for a ran to respond okay let's let's let's go to exactly how bad it is if people think these two crazy conservatives who work for Donald Trump in the White House to just making stuff up a couple guys to get a couple guys okay let's list admits he we have the empirical proof first is the man who almost became the Democrat nominee in twenty sixteen who won't have bean the Democrat nominee if Hillary Clinton in the establishment hadn't stolen that from him will not Bernie how did you know with this super delegates this is Conrad birdie side is the man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union when it was still a dictatorship but one of those anti semitic regimes in the world as an American Jew this is what he said Anderson Cooper about the strike all Major General Qassem Soleimani cut one the bad as he was an official of the Iranian government and you only spend if China does let you know if Russia does like in a rush sure has been implicated on the potent with assassinating dissidents so once you're in the business office fascination you wanna leave some very very terrible forces so that's the first one hold your fire we have Bernie Saunders St Donald Trump is like Vladimir Putin because Vladimir Putin assassinates decision on us so just stay with that and then we have Chris Matthews listen to this audio cat with Amy club Shah who also think she should be president unless lean fit but this woman Amy Kolbuszowa Emma pronouncing it right you are right but who is exactly it's it's just like like that guy from what's his name Castro similar kind of whatever a small all present rentals this is Chris Matthews's service business Boris cop three and I don't think you're an assassin anyway thank you so much of what this president is anyway thank you center stop if you miss the gonna play it again at least he says the enclosure at least you'll not an assassin like vice president is it's it's it's files but played again Jeff and I don't think you're an assassin anyway thank you so much of what this president is anyway thank you.

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