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Garrett. You bet. We were in this'll over eastern in April and highlight of our trip, but being Trump any or Good Friday, we were there. We saw the procession of the mystery did this where they have the sculptures depicting the passion of Christ which are carried on these beautifully decorated slapped forms with like candles and flowers, and it's all carried on the shoulders of the men of the town, and it looks an absolute spectacle. You know, if you could picture you have like these beautiful sculptures, and you have the sounds of bands playing and choir singing and people solemnly praying. And and then you have to send the candles and the flowers and mixed with ocean air and the sunsetting parade wines around town and all the backdrop of this dutiful or rope town by the ocean. We was absolutely spectacular. I mean, we definitely will not forget this exp. For the rest of our life. I think it you sound like a travel writer that was beautiful and you know, I was there in trapping under same day on Good Friday. That's amazing that it was a you described it perfectly everything sort of sways from left to, right the guys marching with the with the float on holding, and then they slowly go left. I'm going left and right right now and all of the the people who gathered around they seem to go left. And right also, the whole place was mesmerized as Good Friday was remembered. I just thought it was one of the greatest spectacles I had seen. You can go any day of the year and visit the church and see those the procession of the mysteries, but to see them extra taken out of their stalls at the church and brought through the city. And as you mentioned, it goes for like all day and twenty twenty. Twenty funeral music that they played the whole time. It's a funeral and play that very sad music, and they sway to the music and people come in. They they take over for each other. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's really neat. The whole involved, I think even if you're not religious to seeing like the effort that it takes like put on an event like this year after year for like, what is it like more hundred years into lay rich example of the dog. I love it and the thought that people gather on whether they're religious are not in be touched by it. It's a beautiful thing to Moscow. Yeah, I agree. Actually, they do the preparation of this one year before. I mean, we have this kind of a congregations, you know, and the each congregational tried to do the best the best call to the best of Megyn. Steinke juice is a community spirit. -solutely giving thanks for your call and reminding us of the beauty of the procession of the mysteries on Good Friday care. Thanks for the call. Much Sicily's our destination right now on travel with Rick steves. Our travel expert guides are native born, tomato pun and Sarah murder, who's helping me write a new guidebook to Sisley for next year. Sarah. When you're thinking about Sisley by the one great side that didn't make it onto Moscow's greatest hits was mount EDNA. The volcano now is such a wonderful sight. It's actually the top tourist destination in Sicily. They call it mama at that because she sort of is the mother of the island, and she affects so much of their soil and their atmosphere. And if you fly into Catania, she's the first thing you see and she's always steaming and putting on a beautiful show. Almost always even if she's not arresting and to experience as a tourist, you can obviously see her from Tara Meena. You can see from Catania just view, but you can actually get up close and personal, and there's a couple of different ways you can do it. You can take a car if you have one and drive up to a really easy area where you can drop your car into a nice little stroll around craters. Another thing you can do from that same location. If you're more adventurous. Take a cable car up to a higher elevation where you get onto four by four vehicles and they will take you to the summit. So that's an all day experience you can do. There are tourists that do that kind of thing. And if you're not really a person who's into hiking or craters, but you want to get a little more elegant experience of mama at now. You can taste the fruits of her labors, and you can do sort of a wine tour. The north face of Aetna is sort of a hot spot. I'd call it the Napa Valley of Sicily, near a town called run that, so you can go out there and visit wineries and beautiful restaurants, and it's a little bit more of a lazy sort of easy going way to experience that. Nah, she's a wonderful creature. Really, you can't speak about the mountain as living living things. Yeah, and they refer to it as almost a person really doesn't character. So Sisley is a hut destination. It's a work in progress multidimensional and it's got lots to offer. We've been talking with Murdoch and muscle Punto about Sicily. Let's just close with one favorite quintessentially Cecilia experie-. That you'd want to share with one of your travelers if you're guiding them around? Sicily. My favorite thing to do is actually into Mazas hometown, and I ran into him doing this very thing this past fall is there's a little bar called the bamboo entire Amina, and I have lovely memories taking my my son there. We sat out there and it's Grenada bar and that's something they have for breakfast, and you can have a dozen different flavors, they'll pilot in your glass kind of slushy or like, yeah, kind of like a slushies and it's flavors like almond and chocolate and the lira him like a Sunday put a big doll of whip cream. But here's the weird part for Americans. They serve it with a warm brioche egged button and you take that new dip it in or you pile the Grenada inside the frozen. Grenada, it sounds gross, I know. But it's so this counting for breakfast? Yes, I know. And every single day we rented an apartment next door to the bam bar and everyday my child when he was nine, he would get up early and go over and get two of us cappuccinos and big Renita to share. So that's my favorite thing to do in. Nutrition's Sealion style and tomato. Yeah, my favorite little. I mean, it's just to sit always in Meena in the main square in which people which people know doing the passage outta the parade. This is a great way to understand the culture. This is the way great way also on the sense to see them. Just a simple thing. I mean, you're soloist very reach about this kind of experience. So the passage watching people having the passage in the main course. Oh, you guys are fantastic, Sarah and Tomasso milligrams, and I'll see you in chillier Cecilia grad. Got Santa Clarita. Travel with Rick steves has produced had Rick steves Europe and heavens, Washington by Tim tappan and is a Kaplan wilder with Sarah McCormack. 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