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The mailman mombasa to it's four hundred and thirty two piece. Yeah so to take you to do it. Take me to do four hundred Three and a half four hours. It set it up. It's a pre sale. And i saw them before anybody gets these buy it. I'll love you forever Okay dude against it will race okay. I saw them up. Fuck man. I guess i gotta go with the one that kind of one of the oj. It started at all. I gotta go with the mcshea original bottle. Combine it's it's it's it's the original whether how much you like all the sequels better. That's the original. Ability is availability. He showed up. he showed up. He went to high school. Tim correct yes Yeah the bar trying to do the was it. The shuttle some shit like retired from athletic was bad for the brand up. Lehman slipping all over the place and you guys. I remember doing ferrari or a mack truck both like that. Yeah that's it the combi. I think there's a video out there. There's there's a lot of. Don't give us. There's more. But i'm saying as far as like the importance of pandering. No no not at all. I'm drafting a board. That's based on. Like what i think. Are the most influential cornerstone moments. Not my personal favorite. Okay Well i would be considered pander not do draft yourself your moments. I why. that's that's is that what it is. I don't know that. Why are we drafting it. We don't need to take a priority. We could just sit around and talk about our favorites. Yeah true true. There's a good feeling of me taking ball. Don't lie knowing and then hearing at impress want it very badly. That's an all time. Sheriff says the number one shirt carl's favorite shirt personally. But it's the most don't all it's got the law in the history behind it. Call your up again all right. I don't need a video till the fifth round now. I think all videos are taken. I'm gonna go the rivalry. This is probably a little bit outside the box. But i feel like he needs to be on the graphic and i'm going to the raspberry of song i love the fact that we just never got the handle barstool dot com and this guy was just like pop up every now and then over the years and it would be like so who's adverse borstal isn't that he's in he kind of like a That's that's pretty weak. I i like it. It's just a Like i've never had an issue. Like he has i think him and craw i think if something going on but yeah i don't know like real rival. It's finger valid to begin. And what his deal is. I think he's just a little bit off the reservation idea kind of feel like you have a like you kinda like him because of how petty and no i don't i've neutral just totally ignore him. I think he's i think he is not altogether these annoying. I don't pay attention. But he's the political. South dam broke so many brains. And i feel like he was one of the brains who got like broken. So did he do something bad. Fuck no no. But he's involved like the k. Mart that's fine. You guys wanna monographic. Character he's more like an ancillary character meant to say yeah sure all right bar silver. Jonker off the board white sox. There's going to be a lot of people. Don't even know who that is. You gotta be true chewed true. Die hard to know that is pick by the third round last couple drafts i'm about to dominate that. Third person. also.

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