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That he's asymptomatic. That's the most important thing is, we look a covert 19 and what it's doing to this world. But this picture in this news is just another reminder. We've heard a lot of road with coaches and players around the world. But it's not day by day, its hour by hour. And yet that question raises. A lot of that picture raises a lot of questions about social distancing and whether or not these clubs really want these players traveling around the world, Raoul rule ideas from Peru from Major League Soccer Seattle Sounders also tested positive for covert 19. It's just a reminder that we live in our to buy our in sports. We're although not showing symptoms was On the terrorists of the bedroom, where he's staying in Portugal City of football headquarters. He was watching the team's training session. SportsCenter all night. ESPN Radio N BA Lakers celebrating their 17th title after beating the heat in the bubble. At Walt Disney World. What about Miami as we fast forward to next season? Can they repeat and get back to that spot? ESPN analyst David Fizdale for that seem to go a lot of stuff. I got to go, right? Um, I think they really still need to add Uh, one or two pieces. Um, you know, especially want anyone want more like guy? I think to get back, you know, because I think You know when the Celtics get back, you know fully right, you know? Hey, we're came back late into that deal. Kind of, you know, it wasn't great. It was good at times, but the Celtics should be A team that you got a rectal whip and the big question for the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler with that run he had in the N B a bubble, especially in the postseason down the stretch until they ran out of gas. Can Jimmy Butler attract some big names to South Florida to join him? But the heat for the upcoming season in the MBA? Straight ahead. Where will Lady on Bell Land SportsCenter all night continues its ESPN radio.

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