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To Rockefeller one of the Rockefeller Abigail Rockefeller okay. So then what do you know he comes back? I'm like hey yeah fuck Ya. Central banks the only way to provide stability for the markets. GotTa have it. That's all we can do central bank central bank. So then you know the they're having a hard time getting it passed though so as their draft. This legislation nineteen ten. They drafted it. The bankers themselves drafted legislation allegedly This place that was owned by the rockefellers called Jekyll island which is off Georgia. So they have like a secret meeting And they had like ten of these people from these various influential families kind of draft their own legislation handed back to Audrey. But still is like you know people like this is kind of Fox like. We don't really want this. This is dangerous and they said. Hey we gotta get a president who will play ball with. Us Woodrow Wilson. So they pumped him up. He gets elected in nineteen thirteen. The Federal Reserve Act gets past two days before Christmas and signed into law while most Congress was away and because they were just like. Hey like we'll just pass this. Nobody's looking and we've had a federal reserve ever since so do you think it's like the the the daughter of the Rockefeller think they just have like a huge rich family meeting? They're like hey this is. Your this is your. This is what you do for the family. This is your job. I always wondered that because like they said that that David Rockefeller who's like he was the most powerful man in the world. And he's in charge of like all these you know supposed. Secret societies it. How does that? How far does that extend like? Hey like you're marrying this guy. All DRIK is that you know so I don't know like so. This guy died at like one hundred one years old died not too long like two thousand seventeen or something like that. Guy Dave at the grand the grants and so he wasn't involved in this process but he became like the figure head of the family. And like you know was again ran. Met Chase Manhattan. Bank richest person at one of the richest people in the world re oldest ever billionaire the dialing one hundred one years old and I don't know like how far like is now. The Rockefeller family is like extensive. Right they got they got a ton of people so maybe it's just like a select few from every generation. They keep it going but it's yeah they probably do have like secretly screenings and like all right which grandsons is. Is it going to be a fuck up? Let's bring him into the fold so interesting so they get him to flip through marriage and that. The pump up Woodrow Wilson. Because they know the capacity through with them yet so it gets passed in the where Wilson even in Nineteen nineteen. He has a quote recycle. Man I fucked up he goes. I have unwittingly ruined by country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by a system of credit. We're no longer a government conviction and majority vote government by a small group of dominant met. So he said that in one thousand nine hundred World War. One had just ended. He was about to leave office. He lost his marbles a little bit. I think at that point to where being totally honest but it was like he was like man. I fucked up. I should like Shinhan dot should have done that and then the idea was to create you know financial stability. That's what they sold the public like. We're not gonNA have like all these crisis you know anymore would run run on banks that didn't happen at all. We still have that you know we still had two thousand eight Major Crisis Great Depression nineteen twenty nine. Like it's it's just so it's like what's the point and now we're like we have this Federal Reserve System where I said like theoretically you can just never get out of that debt. If I'm understanding it correctly yeah I think I am but you know. It's it's complicated. I mean obviously money was huge. Driving factor list. But someone are Marx's rockefellers probably a bunch of them were very very smart to. Oh super fucking smart and you know and they've set up other like you hear about like the Swiss banks where like the Secret Swiss banks and Basil in Zurich and all these other places. Well that's like a central bank for the central banks so like they just and it's allegedly supposedly. They can take the money that they're making from the interest off of the entire. Us economy which is fucking trillions. And just throw it in there and like no one would be. No one would be the wiser where they in the Panama papers do no. It's a good question. I'm not sure. Yeah because that was the Panama papers are would you best describe? That is like an information. Dump Leah Yeah. But I kind of feel like. They're above the Panama papers. Yeah you know so yeah. They are mean they're the original like that. What a fucking family unbelievable. And it's like no one's ever become present because they don't need to fuck that it seems like a headache travel around by president. We have the president in our pocket right. And it's all right and it's like you know they probably piss on the Kennedys like fucking care about them. Let them be president yet. Because you don't imagine like it'd be crazy they're like we don't WanNa do that. Because I know probably cost the ruffle too. Many feathers charge a lot of are going to get passed through. These people would realize what's going on so we'll just have your face. Maybe that's what happens with the fuck up like nephew using and grandsons. It's like you'll be the governor of Arkansas. Yeah Fuck you will be the governor of New York. Be You know the senator from West Virginia like you're not involved in the real shit but you can have some fame fortune crazy. Be showing through to sit down with one of these rockefellers. Yeah do you think he would survive? You ask questions like this. You think you walk out of that meeting now. Probably not probably slips corona virus half probably holy ship and I do think they sell a creed before dinner. Yeah I bet you they have like these secret meanings or it's like they shut the lights off and like do like devil worship and shit who knows crazy eligible crazy shots at all actually all allegedly. We don't really knowledge us like the Internet tells us what we read what she reads Our chief that you very much crazy. That was those interesting foxy. Rockefeller Rockefeller is controlling everything they have. They really do all right. Everybody that's for today. We'll catch you next time..

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