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James love or confusion well as i say maine's top court they're they're grappling away with the justice system how is treating young people and jake blumberg of the bgn just put it on the cloud and let's take some pieces that are that they're judges the state's top court questioned whether the justice system is failing young mainers this was on wednesday during the hearing it's a skull hagan teen suing overturns commitment to maine's youth prison during that hearing justices appeared skeptical that the state offers troubled teens the full range of services that they need now focus of one sixteen year old they called jr in the court documents this represents the state's highest court being asked to weigh in on the efficacy generally completely of mainz juvenile justice system debates and percolating through the public to the legislature for two years you know we've had these troubles at long creek youth development center deaths the short and a lot of other brutalities there so ups so in the court the chief justice late softly she said the state appears to leap from home care incarceration there should be some intermediary options available to young people quote if the only thing we have available for a sixteen year old who's stealing cash is long creek that we not failed our kids softly said quote long creek is not a treatment facility these these kids are lockdown miss falls them for the rest of their lives changes who they are unquote we're having been a sticky wicket here all right well then anyway last october jr was sentenced to encourage long creek at.

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