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Starting fresh New Year new stories like the Kim Kardashian pantry story because I was off last week travelling in Oaxaca and that means I wasn't reading the food news but this one crossed the threshold for coming because it was in some texts A friend of mine texted go look at Kim Kardashian in stories right now and I did. And you weren't disappointed. I was not disappointed. Take me through. I went back and read the slacks of our eater team. I think they were like who cares. But being being in my bubble on vacation this is basically she instagram. The picture of her in front of her fridge and the fridge just had water and milk in it like a bunch of milk. That's surprising three different kinds of milk. Many dairy milk. I think varieties as of milk. So maybe there was an oatmeal. Maybe there's an almond milk and dairy milk okay and then multiple cartons of each and a ton of glass bottles water so she instagram's instagram's this and people went nuts saying like what is. Where's the food while you're some milk and water fridge? So she did an instagram story. Okay saying listen. That's just one of my fridges. Yeah gave a whole tour of her pantry and her real walk in restaurant style. Fridges walk in Fridge. Oh yes she does cool. Yeah I mean this is not surprising to many people because obviously she's rich so of course. Her pantry is elaborate but you gotTa Love Tours of elaborate pantries so her pantry is just full of all these glass jars of Seattle. All right and then she she has all these jars of different kinds of sprinkles and then she shows her froyo machine. Oh she has a program so it's like an eight year old high tens of millions of dollars to create a pantry. It's like I would just put sprinkling cereals and put clothes milk. Yeah and then she went to a real kitchen and show this beautiful full array in her walking bridgeable vegetables and snacks. Okay so that was like her kid fridge. I don't know if it's the kid fridge or just like they all of cereal. That's pretty great. I mean I never have enough half-milk home at that has absolutely nothing to do with this. She has so much just cartons upon cartons surprising to me. Is that her kitchen dairy in there. I'm sorry probably heard it well. No she's four kids so maybe some of them drink dairy choosing. There's so many different kinds of milk. 'cause the kids all like different things. Oh okay that's nice. Her a kitchen itself didn't seem all that stylish. I'm unclear what you really like about. This story is it that she has just milk in the fridge in one is just like I. You like celebrity tours of Pantries and fridges. I hate that genre of food writing like that. Always Pitch magazines so and so's fridge but it's always boring people like I don't care what's in this chefs fridge always like champagne in a bottle of water. I can't dozens of glass jars filled with cereals. And then racks sprinkles calls love it. Yeah right because she cares. What's in her house and she has basically infinite money so renzo do anything? What what do you do with ten million dollars design your dream pantry situation? What is it stock to? I'll tell you what's in mine anchovies from you could still do that by the way anchovies. Aren't that expensive. Even the best anchovies you can probably afford starting now some fancier Jovis last week. Daniel was the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. It sounds like the worst of it I would never want to go there. Why does it sound like the worst thing in the world to you? Just a bunch of tech people people trying to promote their weird curvy. TV Ass. And I think the timing is rough. 'cause it's right after new years. Yeah so I think a lot of people probably want to be there. Also Vegas Vegas isn't my FAV- No I don't think it's anyone save. They've really if Vegas is your favorite. You know what that's strange. No I know some people were vegas is their favorite okay. So they're not trying to them okay but anyway. This is where people show off the newest electronics. Greatest Tech innovations of the year. There are a couple of food ones. None of them. Sound all that exciting. There's one did you see the one about the trash can. Okay yeah the trash gas mart. Trash cans. Yeah where it relies the bag bag for you. Is that for you and it seals the top of it once it's full when it knows it's fall you don't need that voice activated Faucet K.. This is the silliest one it was it was unreal a leak detector. Jeez yeah I would absolutely love love to hear. This thing. Saying leaking leaking voice activated Faucet. This is the thing. When are you? K- the only. Let's come up with a circumstance where you would need voice activated Faucet. Let's say you have drive past In a pot. And you're just waiting to cover it with water like if you you put that in the sink at a time and then you're walking towards it and you know that you need to start filling it with water like but you could just put the water on ahead of time and leave it on the stove. I literally can't think of any reason you would need a voice activated Faucet. Reason would be if your hands are very dirty and yelling to stop there you go. Yeah they have those things now those faucets that you can just kind of touch so you could touch it with your arm and the foster would turn on that so this would be like contact. Yeah.

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