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Coast AM. Now, here's your guest host Jimmy church. Welcome back. Conversation. I thank MJ benign Bruce are Fenton. We'll be joining us right after the break. But before we get there. One of the subjects that I speak about most often is Hubble the Hubble space telescope, and how large the universe is and the amount of galaxies out there and the amount of planet inside of each one of those galaxies, and then our own galaxy and our own Milky Way. And what we are talking about these days when it comes to extra planets, but just one lifetime ago. One lifetime nineteen Twenty-three. We thought it was just a and we were wondering if they were other planets outside of our solar system today. The number is north of one hundred billion planets in our Milky Way. How crazy is that go over to coast to coast AM right now and check this out using nearly seventy five hundred individual exposures taken over sixteen years from the Hubble space telescope. Astronomers have pieced together a stunning single image of our evolving universe. This history. Book mosaic. Nick displays an unbelievable two hundred and sixty five thousand galaxies stretching back in time. Thirteen point three billion years that's five hundred million years after the big bang. It's one of the most extraordinary images you will ever see. And that's what I'm talking about this coast to coast AM. I am your host Jimmy shirt standing in on this. Now Sunday morning right here in Los Angeles, California. And I'll be right back with our next guest. Bruce are Fenton coast to coast AM. Radio.

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