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We want you to reach out to us. We want you to follow us in to give your opinion and to support in what we're saying and talking about and believe it and then when you do decide to apply it's really important that you understand that it's a gift not ask. It's an idea not an issue and you want the audience to adopt your idea as their own. That's language of ted. So if you are pitching me your business or telling me that you're an amazing author and that you're going to talk about what you wrote about. That's not about the audience. That's about you ted. Talks are about how you can serve the audience and an idea worth spreading that will ultimately get the audience to think differently. And if an application asks for a video submission. Don't send some random link to some talk some conference. You spoke at take the time to speak directly to the organizer and to say. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I'm really looking forward to serving your audience at tech's x and then talk about your idea. I've gotten people who when i asked specifically for a two minute video introducing themselves. They a when they don't send me that and they send me a link to something else. It tells me two things. They're not reading directions and they're lazy so really think about this as an opportunity to connect with another human being and i know that it's it sounds daunting because there's a massive veil separating ted from everybody else and i am here to pull back the curtain as a former organizer we want you to reach out and as somebody who puts people on stages i wanna know what you care about and i wanna know that you can talk to me about something. That's not selling your business or your book and that you really have an idea that is meant to have global impact. And those are the things that i would really say. Also the other part of this equation is vet the organizers. Ted ex is an independently organized event. That ted gives licenses to now. They're they're very successful. They have exploded as you know in the last several years. So it's very difficult for every ted event to be attended by somebody who works for ted. So you want to vet the organizers because the last thing you wanna do is work for nine months on your big talk on your wardrobe on the time commitment that it takes to memorize and walk into an event. That looks terrible that has no lighting. That has no sound. That doesn't have a projector so that you can't use your slides because that video will be online for the rest of your life and the people who run events the organizers and the speakers they do not own those videos ted owns videos and organizers are required to upload them to ted and ted decides whether they distribute them on youtube or on ted dot com c zero.

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