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Will track to more tennis-playing dead people to uni and and so it's been good at have we you know the community are still use it as well. There are ways to maximize maximized. it Any of the teams are people who been up Obstucted was a brilliant facility. So has has made like easier when you're talking about those days in andrews with these county level kids basically a bit like aberdeen Andrews is very windy and it's tough to get quality time with the kids right through the winter and the number of times i've said look Seventy mile an hour wind today. Let's go out and do some volume to beat the wind. And so but the indoor am snowdayla. It's you can get so much more done than yeah. Yeah and it's a yet tasks facility. My memory of that hit that we had on. It was super slow. But don't if that was just because it's it was each other for david so you've decided to take a step back. Prioritize family quite rightly a. Are you still going to keep your hands in coaching going to do so. Few days coach a week and to be honest one thing. I'm quite keen to do like a two gun children. One on the way one's going to be starting school locally. And i'm thinking i could easily go in a couple of ten sessions and almost. I'm thinking navy Tennessee school can a thing in us. Up wait a minute in this elite. To i i actually. It would still like to be involved and you know even running some tournaments to administer anything but just getting people involved so no no i think and then the other aspect is. I'm just wondering i did. Consider the tutoring few years ago. But i just thought it was too much sean mcclay enemy so you never know. I mean even if it's on an unofficial basis Kuchis feel can can help and know. I already do with that. Let you and bail who works The union tastic coach in his just so hungry to learn and to be honest. I learned so much from him. He's you know. In certain aspects of coaching is miles ahead of me and i think we commute on court would always or even the food chan ten so i feel if i can name maybe help on that way. But it just depends. It's kennedy's one of these things on may just happened. It might know. But i'm still came to do some coaching. 'cause i think i still enjoy it too much. We'll definitely miss the uni Great i think working with the students you can. It kept you feeling. You felt like you a student josie Groom adjusted yemen on your so my god that little guy but it was. It was really good to work with them. It did keep you can energized.

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