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There we also had some nannies help with our kids. Yup my few. She was cool she. She was use among my favorites. And you know we had a house full of my kids all the other ones were. Just kidding Houseful of let's call them. Rambunctious kids boys and girls alike and we weren't like totally leaving our kids with them but they were there to make sure they didn't drowned as a as the grownups laid back. So so yeah. They're said we had nannies and we had cooks. And i don't mean to brag about it out embarrassed to receive it quite honestly. It took me a couple of days for me to acclimate. But i certainly didn't turn anything. Down there to indulge and this kid kenneth right we'd play cards into the night with these boys and drink and have fun and You know we were playing card game and he said you know what a good game is. I get a frog. And i put it in a bowl and then i turn the ball around a couple of times and i opened the bowling and whatever direction the frog jumps guy. Take a shot. And what did you believe. Thousand the most fun game. You could possibly play in a highly recommend it. I hate grabbing frogs though. I'm such a post. But he walked out there within like three seconds came back with the frog in this and other wildlife monkeys las manos frigging monkeys howler monkeys. We played golf at this poorly. Kept or poorly camped. Poorly camped if you want to sound pretentious golf course grab my keys by the way. 'cause i gotta go pick up my son soon. this Poorly kent golf course and i suck golf and just like i just like a sucker surfing. But that's okay. I still had fun. And i can't hear ooh it sound like a pack of wild hounds in the distance and that's why i thought they were thought they were wild hounds in the distance until i finally said like. Where's this pack. A wild hounds coming from you know in. Everyone looked at me like those are howler monkeys. You didn't know that. Oh those are howler monkeys. And from then on i wanted to see the damn monkeys and shit dude you know i was talking to marita janowski westbound your own petito payroll me. E morita alabama's mutual. We talked a lot and she didn't know a lick of english either but she taught me some spanish and i think i taught her some english to choose really cool but she basically told me the check out. The monkeys are going to come in the afternoon. So sure as hell man. I walked out front one day and mango just dropped to my feet from the mango tree. Above and i looked up and there was a pack. Are they call it a pack. Whatever the group of monkeys is he just looks down on me actually. It was a she because it had a cute little baby monkey on her back like three or four and they just skill those trees and they skate across those trees. I just as this. The most novel thing and i felt like a real touristy griego tripping out on these monkeys i was like okay so everybody come outside monkeys but even a couple of nicaraguans i noticed. Pull out their phones. Like there's some guys doing some roadwork. I think they're driving down from manawatu. Do the work. So maybe they don't have too many mona's up there in iowa and they're filming it on their phone tripping out. when do they gave me a thumbs. Up fuck yeah. Those are monkeys and so monkeys. Now the thing. I like about nicaragua they don't do. They don't do soccer. They do to my favorite sports among them baseball for sure they do baseball. By the way baseball preview with sporting news anthony would trotto on my previous episode enjoy and and they like boxing baseball and boxing. You remember ricardo. My orga de la. Hoya kicked his ass. But that was like. I'm so untravelled and such a dumb american like that's when i thought that nicaragua i think of ricardo. My orga who stole who's to walk to the ring with a machete in hand and it's smoke cigarettes in the limo on the way to the fights and de la hoya kick his ass and then i'd be like yeah. You guys like boxing. What about ricardo my oregon and they would just laugh like a clown just kind of funny couple. Let's see said the former dodgers pitcher. He's from nicaragua and also dennis martinez. I think it's all these damn near hall of fame pitcher he also has a ranch just north of the costa rican border and. He's a big hero down there like baseball and boxing. We're take a sip of coffee before. I take my boy to swim. Class cafe is also ghetto. Wallet keys although we got it good so the worst part though was our our travels. We had probably the most painful traveling experienced. We made it and everyone was alive and stuff but that was a major. Bummer co bit fucked up travel for anyone trying to get to central america and Here's a couple of good examples so we're flying with avi janka. I highly recommend you never fly with bianca out of sfo and So put some just to kind of put some context to it so easter sunday right. That was the day we departed tunisia and the day before my kids love easter. And we have a little neighborhood eastern get together. My wife You know decide. Hey let's invite some neighbors over this afternoon on saturday afternoon the night before we leave for an easter party. All right cool so we clean up the house and we were all pretty much packed and so we had some people over well. That saturday morning had to pull My youngest boy out of his friend's house saturday morning. for a sleepover because we needed are stupid. Rt pcr kobe tests and Shoot i forgot something. I do a u-turn and so we traveled to san jose. Mineta airport right. We wait in line. We do our dumb thing you know. They stopped the swamp way up way up high in your nose granted we're you know were vaccinated and we may or may not already have covert antibodies in us. And so you know we're not arrest anybody We get our stupid cover test. Bianca needs kobe tests. They need them signed. So why do. I submit cova test with a signature to avi janka email. It thirty six hours in advance. No later than thirty six hours..

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