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Crazy. You know what i'm saying but yeah she told us lit <hes> go to run into my homegirl china chow tonight china child from the mr chao family <hes> but more than more than that china is the girl who introduced me to pop art like i was always into graffiti obviously because i was x. Graffiti artists but china used to art her unofficial godfather but really her godfather was well. She had like two three godfathers but one of them was andy warhol. No bullshit chew story like the real deal china's. His mom was one of the first major gigantic supermodels in hollywood. <hes> tina chow her mom was best friends with andy warhol <hes> coco chanel keith haring and jean michel basquiat and you know just some minor people you know what i'm saying no big deal just enormous like fucking icons in forever it history but yes so you know china introduced me to part <hes>. She has a fucking massive un fucking believable ridiculous sick fucking insane just stupid crazy one of one collection of warhol's boskin boskin just insane and she had him forever and in china on my best friends and owner for longtime ice live with china. She's just like an amazing person. She actually put me up on a lot fucking high fashion shit early on just i she just so don't man she's always put me up on things and it was dope seeing her tonight. She's <hes>. Her boyfriend is billy idol. Who's obviously another insane rock and roll legend so you know i got cibelli. Adult life logo chopped up with him. <hes> was crazy. Anthony kiedis from radar chili peppers there. You go to chateau mom off. You can get fucking reservation there. It's fucking wednesday night. It was just crazy. It's just so many fucking people were there and <hes> shots woman elliott wilson. I ran into him tonight and his wife and everything and it just it was just crazy unit as it was. It was a dope time. It was a good dinner and <hes> gay. I broke my streak of red meat and i'm struggle have stomach ache later but it's all good..

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