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March 3rd, the fourth day of the standoff. In the afternoon, Steve Schneider looks out from one of mount Carmel's second floor windows. Schneider watches his clouds float off in the distance. He's trying to ignore the terrible thunder coming from below, where another government tank is Cris crossing the yard. Already, these tanks have level two of the buildings of the compound. They cut a mobile home in half just for fun. The tanks crushed a truck in the parking lot, and even ran over the kids go karts. Schneider can't make sense of it. The negotiators seem like honest people, but they're still on the side of these tank driving warriors. Men who will stop at nothing to persecute God's people. Schneider turns from the window. He sees koresh sitting in the hallway with a few of the faithful, gathered around him. Schneider's glad to see the crash seems more energetic today, anger at the FBI has helped revive the prophet. Koresh addresses the followers, he tells them that he's already sent 20 children out of mount Carl. He's played by the FBI's rules and still koresh says the government forces are punishing them. Koresh told the FBI about God's commandment that the community needed to wait inside mount Carmel. Crash his voice rises again, but instead of respecting the people's faith, the FBI sent in tanks. It just goes to show that the earthly forces can not be trusted. Schneider sees most of the people nodding in agreement. Crash then dismisses his followers and beckons Snyder closer. He asks how this morning's call with the FBI went. Schneider says he delivered koresh's complaints. The tanks were destroying their personal property, and in doing so, they were destroying the evidence of the ATF's original attack. The negotiators apologized, but they said that the tanks weren't under their control. Caress shakes his head angrily. The government might think they have all the power. Kress says, but one thing is certain, the FBI will not be getting any of his children. He gives Schneider a fierce look. The children he's fathered are divine beings, he says, they will sit with him at the final judgment. They must share his fate on this earth. Schneider swallows hard. He understands that koresh's prophecy must be fulfilled, but the thought fills him with dread. It's march 7th and the 8th day of the standoff, Gary Nestlé rides the elevator down from his hotel room in Waco. He's bleary eyed after just a few hours of sleep. The elevator door dings open, and he sees the lobby is filled with even more reporters than yesterday. Newscasters and suits chat with each other while cameraman log heavy bags of equipment. Nestlé Harris reached the front door, grateful that he's not the one in front of the cameras at the daily press briefings. As Nestor drives to the FBI command post, he looks at across the Brown Texas Prairie. He feels far from his home and family in Northern Virginia. He misses them. And the feeling is even harder because right now he feels embarrassed for the FBI. The entire world has been watching as FBI tanks tear apart mount Carmel. One day, a reporter asked an FBI agent to explain the destruction and all the agent could manage was a cheeky response, saying that, hey, their FBI agents, not professional tank drivers. Reaches the command post and heads toward the negotiation room. It's been 5 days since koresh backed out of the surrender deal, but Nestor has no time to hulk grudges. And thanks to the tactical team's aggressions, he no longer has the upper hand. Instead, the negotiators have spent their time apologizing. Recent discussions haven't yielded much progress either. So Nestor has decided to shift their strategy. He needs to rebuild trust at mount Carmel, and he has a sense about who he needs to talk to. The next day, inside mount Carmel, Julie Martinez sits on her bed, combing her daughter Aubrey's hair. Her three year old plays with stuffed animals on the floor. When there's a knock on the door. Steve Schneider pokes his head into the room and says that FBI negotiators are on the phone and want to talk to Julie. Steve adds that David said it was okay. Martinez's heart races. She's known this call was coming, and she feels a mix of hope and dread. The last time she spoke to the FBI, they tried to pressure her to leave with her children, and she refused. All Martinez wants is to be together with her kids, but she can't imagine the government allowing that if she left the safety of mount Carmel. Still, the FBI agents keep pressuring her to leave, and so Martinez asked if she could speak to her older brother about the decision. The FBI agreed, but only under a specific condition, they would find her brother and have him record a message for her. Martinez doesn't trust these officials, but she hopes she can hear her brother's voice. If he's able to take care of the children, then she be willing to risk coming out. That way, even as she's thrown in jail, her kids would still have family. Martinez puts the phone to her ear, an agent greets her and says that they were able to find her brother, and they have a recording to play. There's a click, and then Martinez hears her brother's kind voice come over the line. She feels a surge of hope. But the feeling quickly fades, her brother says that he isn't capable of caring for her children. He says he loves her and has some advice. Surrender so that her family can be safe. The tape recorder clicks off and her brother's comforting voice gives way to silence. The FBI negotiators back on the line. Julie, I think your brother's advice is wise. Bring the children to safety now. Why wait? Because if we come out, I'll go to jail. That's not true, Julie. You said you didn't do anything. You and your children will be coming to safety. Martinez remembers the bullets she saw flying over her daughter's head the day of the raid. How can I believe anything you say? You don't want to help. You're just waiting for the right time to come in here and kill all of us. Wait, what? Why would we want to do that? Because that's what they wanted in the first place. They came shooting at us and climbing in our windows. Okay, now look, there were some things that shouldn't have been done, but. Martinez hears the negotiator, take a deep breath. But Julie, how would you want this to be resolved? What do you want to happen? For God to come and deliver us from our enemies. And at that, Martinez hangs up the phone, she's glad she told the agent the truth. These people love to make her feel like a bad mother, but she's not a bad mother. She loves her kids. She got off drugs for her kids and mount Carmel is the one place where they can be together. It's where her family will stay. 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