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So that's that was one great lesson is make these things easy to use and others just it's it's really hard the drone technology curve sped up i think faster than anything else that's ever happened in technology if you picked up an iphone 5 which is now four years old i believe something like that yeah because than the five ass and then he got the dna so an iphone 5 is totally recognizable as a great cell phone you wouldn't look at that cell phone and think it's lacking any kind of features it's got the light being plug it's got the forward and backward facing cameras you know i've got a big iphones six s in my pocket and if you swapped it for an iphone 5 i really wouldn't even though it might be a little slower that take four years back in drouin land you've got a maverick right now in your pocket and i say in your pocket because if you had big pockets at literally could go there it's scott front and downward facing stereo obstacle avoidance it's got sonar it's got so much computer vision on there that you can just wave at it and it'll take your picture it folds up you can put it in your pocket you can run any number of apps on air i this is a full featured piece of technology that combines the best of of tesla of smartphones of your top cloud computing i mean everything is in this little thing then go four years ago and what you'd have is there to stick with dji four years ago they might have had a phantom one didn't have a camera it's range was about one hundred yards it sometimes flew away i mean that the pace of.

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