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Thanks, john. Now, we're gonna turn to agriculture. It's a big part of Minnesota's academy. Is a big part of our the whole state's economy. Congress adjourned without passing farm Bill the Senate passed it, but the house did not what can you do to ensure Minnesota farmers Senator Housley that if you go to Washington they can have certainty in a farm Bill. Thank you. The president did come here to Minnesota just a little under a month ago. And that was the first thing that he said to me when we were backstage is what are the farmer saying? And I said, you know, what you gotta get this done sooner rather than later. You know, thank you for your renegotiation of NAFTA and the United States Mexico Canada agreement that's helped the farmers. We also have to get one step further and get China on board. But we also we also need to get that farm Bill done. And I know Senator Smith has commercials saying she worked on the farm Bill, but it's not done that farmville is not done in these farmers. They're not just looking out to a week from now a month from now, they're looking out six months or at five years and ten years, they need that that security from that farm and the different the difference that I do I do have a direct line to the president sending Senator Joni Ernst and it's worked for her. She she represents her farmers in Iowa can go straight to the president and tell them what they're thinking. And that's exactly what I will be doing because we need to get that farm Bill down because. The people are farmers here in Minnesota are counting on it. Karin Housley is a Republican seeking the Senate seat in Minnesota running against Tina Smith, a democratic Senator who replaced Senator Al Franken last January C span radio sooner Smith. As I mentioned the Senate did pass the farm Bill, but it's still did not get done..

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