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But the why did not give them any satisfaction they contented themselves with admonishing me and dismiss me considering me perhaps as an apprentice who was bound to keep his masters secrets. During my brothers confinement, which I resented a good deal notwithstanding our private differences, I had the management of the paper and I made it to give our rulers. Some rubs in it which my brother took very kindly while others began to consider me in an unfavourable light as a young genius that had a turn for libelling and satire my brothers discharge was accompanied with an of the house a very odd one that James Franklin should no longer printed the paper called the new. England current. There was a consultation held in our printing house among his friends what he should do in this case. Some proposed to obey the order by changing the name of the paper. But my brothers seeing inconveniences in that it was finally concluded on as a better way to let it be printed for the future under the name of Benjamin Franklin and to avoid the center of the Assembly that might fall on him as still printing it by his apprentice. The contrivance was that my olden denture. Should be returned to me with a full discharge on the back of it to be shown on occasion but to secure to him the benefit of my service, I was to sign new in dentures for the remainder of the term which were to be kept private a very flimsy scheme. It was however, it was immediately executed and the paper went on accordingly under my name for several months. At length a fresh difference arising between my brother and me I took upon me to assert my freedom presuming that he would not venture to produce the new in dentures. It was not fair in me to take this advantage and this I therefore reckon one of the first era of my life. But the unfairness of it weighed little with me when under the impressions of resentment for the below his passion too often urged him to bestow upon me though he was not otherwise and ill-natured man. Perhaps. I was too saucy and provoking..

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