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Quite a noise joy steep to that level of cheese hey was a big is a big deal did you realize when you've got the part and even when you were going offer was there any thought like do i even when necessarily want this it could be a major named not now nene never it never even cut me i was given a great part and a great film fantastic script it was a big shift for me in aceh playing an american for the first time you know that was a big new challenge and it wasn't the most straightforward of parts either i mean i i certainly had to prepare myself for what i was about to go through but i had no idea i mean i honestly we was so young i had no idea what it even had the potential to be i just knew i was in a great big american film what was the first realization that it was going to be a gamechanger in i guess even before it came out i remember the trades were doing this thing like the countdown to i think it was almost like till the so the ship sank because everybody i thought it was not going to work as a movie he and then you guys came out and obviously blue also think i was aware of all that negative attiya and i remember banquet upset by that because all i had done was quite innocently gone often done right up what really hahas really excited about this film little the lovely friends i'd made and it was like oh people are being mean about all filled an hasn't even come out yet and i remember being quite baffled by that and confused by the in ways that if i'm on us with you i'm still baffled and confused about why they were rooting against a no just about how sometimes the media can create a story around something before is even been given legs you know or had a chance to walk will breathe and so.

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