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Write about this why do they feel the need support sport down on people down when we're all in the ship that sails called spall we'll make a living out of it i don't understand and i come see you stray off the bye my few cushy right for the times you write articles and books do you think the press on the whole cova sport responsibly well i would say that when it comes to investigations like child abuse and football i think that is in the public interest and i think the press do a good job david walser the sunday times he brought down lance armstrong i think there's some great lyrical writing as well but this thing that you'll pointing to the press is too negative that often it positions spor as going to the dogs or athletes who they've previously celebrated they suddenly want to take them down i think that's an interesting phenomenon i don't think it's completely untrue i think you're onto something here but think about this fred why is it that people by the newspapers when it's negative you get a really harsh savage back page headline circulation goes up the journalists are doing this just for reasons of cruelty there's a market imperative that trying to sell newspapers i agree complete with this and i agree you look i'm going to go off pace that little bit look at a cat actions these actions i'll be under severe i don't know what due i've got no idea what these kinda ch'ien's do they haven't been at work don't every now and then and then photographs in the rear there and everywhere and everyone has at the kardashians to be honest with you i think the geniuses because the doing nothing but again all this money all this attention and this goes back to what you said people nobody wants to admit that they watch what that god asham program nobody wants to admit that the read about them most somebody is that's why they're earning so much money and getting back to what your saying people will crisis people will bad news people we've seen people it's all poppy syndrome you put them on a pedestal just to be not down everyone's talking about it why do we feel the need to read about it why do the press feel the needs to write about it i don't get it i don't get anybody matthew you know the question i would ask and i i really read about starts in my media career i remember doing an interview with the better from the wealth ways in fierce weights a radio interview with them with a reporter and i was on the back foot on our my gresham out my because i was losing the argument i've come out with them woods which not heard of any more well what do you know have you ever played the sports that was the words i you i quickly found out that that was a no no injin as i absolutely hammered and you know if you don't do not say them words but as as a sport this as a journalist matthew who's played sports do you think it gives you a better you know spor professionally yet does do you think it gives you an edge over some of your competitors who haven't played sport i think it can do because when you've actually play the sport at a high level something before he carry on i know even the press but you're not going to sit on the fence here i say and it can do come on come on no think about it i was gonna say that you definitely can get into the intricacies of the game you know i was table tennis player bank spin side spin stuff that people who adjust messages or the one i.

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