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Have an out of that was iin at ryan anderson joe johnson trevor reza eric gordon gerald green that is his lawyer with more playoffs it's different than a regular season game game at the stars after have to do their thing big time in the playoffs i would say the the opposite is actually true well on state stars are the ones who are going to have to really fire in the playoffs katie in clay and staff are going to have to be on night after night after night because they're not going to get points they're not gonna get can't you can't bank on nick young you can't bank on omri caspi or iggy dollar livingston or west to really give you a big points where ryan anderson coupon for twenty off the bench and he night joe johnson's big time score even though he's long in the tooth to me the best guy on their benches air gordon the warriors don't have an era gordon coming off the bench so i think the opposite is true i think the warriors three of clay and stephane kd org and a half to supply huge are they have to put poll a huge portion of the offense of load in the spring time be in the team i houston if hard nor uh paul or compel are one of these guys his are off night they can gets they can get one of these guys off the bench to go for 25 yeah i in other the addition of durant gave them confidence ego whatever you want that we are yes better than everybody else and they proved your last year but they're not as hungry i've and i've said this before the break it will be interesting to see how things break down obvious divide the bet money warriors are going all the way and they'll get back on.

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