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But in two thousand thirteen this was the summer that then police superintendent Kerry McCarthy stood up in front of the com stat and talked about how they're winning the CNN show. Chicago land was happening at that time. This was the year Chicago's turning it around. And that's when this book takes place. That's when the story he collected the stories, and it is I look at what has happened since in two thousand sixteen which was what the deadliest summer deadliest year on record or at least decades and decades in Chicago history. So whatever they were doing in two thousand thirteen it didn't sustain so you interviewed him you play back that conversation is really good part of your show Friday night. I don't know if you know this. But that's when the show debuts it's called an American summer by Alex cutlets? Justin Kaufman in our studio who you've heard for months and months and months now years how long have you been a couple years with Steve Cochran morning just under a year under year. So about a year missed his birthday today's his birthday. And I was like it's so funny. Like last day was Steve was Friday. And then I come in today, and there's all this cake and family was for you. It's having fun, and they're just birthday birthday because you're leaving that they thought I it was a celebration of my departure. So it was a birthday. But then I was like, oh, man. All of us didn't have to get a president. I guess not on the show anymore. It's not that you or Andrea or Patti Vasquez have not taken over evenings on our radio station. But when I think back to when Milt Rosenberg did it extension seven twenty, and that's the name that you guys are going to bring back, which I think is brilliant, which is not to say it will be that show. But I think that's a client can't be right. But that's kind of shows that really can live well in that space is our Todd badly, but say. I'm really glad that you've got that slot. Thank you, John. I think that you will have a lot of fun with it. I think he'll be a perfect fit for that spot. I liked the night. I did the download there for a couple of years. I I understand the the nighttime audience, and frankly, there's more room to spread out. That's not a knock on any other show. The other day parts have much more business. I was gonna say. We've had other people do that shift when we think back at extension seven twenty any of us who ever filled in for milk back in the day. Love the idea of sitting down with a few commercial breaks less things to do and really grappling with some channel ask you because tomorrow night, one of my first questions to our audience, and and to some of the guesses what does extension seven twenty mean to you. Yeah. It means really smart conversation. It means. Going to topics and places that you wouldn't middays on WGN. You have the luxury of exploring black holes in space or some minutia of politics that is fascinating. But isn't broad enough to cover in the eight minutes. I have here. Good answer. So I love all of that. I don't know. What about you? Yeah. I'm really playing with the with the word extension. I I obviously thrilled beyond belief and the legend of Milt Rosenberg. And that show is not lost on me. I mean, if you're talking though, that's a that's a those are big shoes to fill in a bother some of his catchphrases, which I'm trying. I'm trying not some of that stuff. You know? It's funny because I've had a lot of people say that to me are you going to say this you can do this. And I'm like, I don't know. I don't want to be I, you know, such a huge huge legend in this town. I would like to now I'm failing, but he would sign off each evening with it wasn't a vigil founder do something like that. But if you said give me your militarisms, it would be fun just to hear what our audience remembers about that. And then I think you should promise to never use them. Tomorrow night will be the last of these phrases because while they do live in our hearts, it's time to turn to a new chapter. Yeah. And that'll be Justin Kaufman. Tomorrow night, seven to eleven seven to ten seven to ten. It will always be seventy seven to ten when there's no sports. Yeah. Get preempted sometimes but tomorrow night. So you'll be on the stream when you're preempted. Do you know, I don't think so because baseball they're still working getting baseball on that stream. Okay. Okay. Now, I want to hear about the, you know, they wanna hear the White Sox went one hundred ten games. Well, see you're doing fiction, then evidently? Could you see a buddy? Thank you for having me. Nice to hear you in the mornings and really anxious for you in the evenings. Justin kaufman. Hey extension. Seven twenty is back about that. Let's pause. Here is one of the story. I want to run by you. This is something that you will enjoy viewing the options you have these days in. I'm.

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