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And Here's Dave Preston Capitals be Buffalo to one is. Tom Wilson scored the game winner in the third period after being moved to Niklas Backstrom Sline a good move after a tough start start so worship they scored and I think from there, we just wanted to try and get it back and Nick left me with some time there and Coach wanted us to throw some more pucks on that, So I just tried toe up one and it went in Rocky V Tech. Vanna check not just 30 saves in his NHL debut. The sabers long goal coming on a shot that bounced off of Tom Wilson's leg. Ouch caps played Pittsburgh Sunday. NBA wizard season enters the land of limbo Sunday and Monday. Schemes with Cleveland have been postponed. Nine players here in the league's health and safety Protocol six have tested positive for covert. 19 general manager Tommy Sheppard never want to say Well, we escaped. Nothing's going. Wrong for us yet because you just know inevitably something's gonna be your turn. And this was our turn. Unfortunately, way took took a couple punches that for sure, But we're all our players are in good spirits. Very important. Also to consider all of our staff right now is healthy. So we're very grateful for that. Those six players testing positive will be out 10 to 14 days. Major League Baseball, Nationals Trade and trade. Turner avoid arbitration, same case with Josh Bell and one soda, each signing one year contracts with the Nats Men's college. Ask upon Maryland rips division to Wingate 100 to 58. Tomorrow's action includes American at Navy NFL Atlanta hires Arthur Smith is their new head coach. Smith had been the offensive coordinator in Tennessee the last two seasons. Dave Preston w T o p Sports and Coming.

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