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User of online based absent Jason United Sas dice products and whatnot. Like I've got a big vision Businesses at Now my vision is is a lot larger than that so I kind of feel like I'm one step ahead each time or each year as a guy. You're in appreciate you sharing. How you differentiated did Your Business? Because I think a lot of people step into it and think that they have to compete on price and in reality. What you're doing is yeah? You were making your business. More accessible by focusing on the online market and people being able to get custom tailored you know furnishings a direct door pretty much I and the also dominated the middle area. Where like you said there wasn't anybody in that space? You either had really expensive products or something on the cheaper end. And that's really something important Horton to know in almost any market is that there's probably going to be gaps that aren't being filled right now and you need to make sure that you're well positioned for that and it's not that you just saw the gaps you you also recognize that your skillset was doing the online stuff that other people weren't doing. Yeah that's right but look having said that they took meanwhile to get to that point to be honest. I when I started. That was the idea that I had biden are how to get they. I didn't know how to get it online. How to make end another big element for me was getting the right business model with this industry? Even though you know you you products very expensive profit. Margins are actually very large so that was something by a sat on for a long time and I tried to strategize around you. Know How can I have a product that is at the right price. But then I'm also going to be a High Greis company. I'm going to be able to make some money. So that was a big challenge and it took till a few different business models before I could get it right. Appreciate you sharing that because I guess that we've had on the show. It make it sound like it's a straight eight line to go from the from the concept to Soudriette realized right And I know that's not the case just personally as an engineer. I know that we interact are designed resigned. Constantly you're constantly. It's almost a guessing check where you're going out there. You're testing the market seeing if it works growing if it does or scaling back if it doesn't and changing pivoting to a different audience and it's almost like you have to do that constantly. It's constant yeah just being able to adapt being able to change range and for me. It's been a lot Abou- passive heiresses. Well you know they would times when your sudden business wouldn't walk. I kept at it and it got to the point where it was like. Look I needed changes or I need to quit and I was just is never prepared to quit. I never quit. Basically in that case the past Characteristic of mine but it's paid off you know knowing knowing when to quit is so difficult because sometimes they answer is that you need to quit. Because maybe you've picked up by a market that saturated or the audience and product. It isn't right so maybe you can talk a little bit about the the business models that you chose. That didn't quite work out. Can you mentioned some of those. And maybe why they didn't work for you show show will initially look my idea was Have ready made high quality product. It's like a lot of the ready made. That are out there. Probably not way your advice here in astrology really tacky shade ready made could and so. I thought you know what I'll have already made product. We've old costume will be spike standards and my idea was just sat. Ah How ever I didn't have the big buyers I didn't have enough buys for that I needed to have some cash flies. Soy I got into custom-made again but then I was sucked into doing it. The traditional way of selling constant made couldn't way you you in visit the clients. She do a free measuring quiet and I did that for about a year in. Just it wasn't working for me like I at the margins in the industry very lar- and unite. I had my son was still a baby. I just. I couldn't do it as mother. It was too difficult. United to what fifty seventy hours a week full very little return and so I went back to my original light. A Year of the ready made out. Mock it vanishing and I thought I hey will how can I do to mate as well and not swin. I decided decided I need to sell custom made online men. I've moved towards doing that online. KABADDI about a year end yet. Light Light Benjamin was just the website. went through about seventy for websites. I'm actually J. to launch a new one again and then getting that right getting old assistance behind it right now. Yeah I know exactly what my business model is in where it needs to sicav right to the header to San sounds like quite a journey. As you've gone through this you know. How have you handled the customer aspect of it and still standing behind your work or providing returns when needed and things like that that must be a challenging aspect of the business as you know beauties of the beholder and someone gets their custom furnishings? They might not feel like it's up to par with what they were expecting even though that's exactly what they ordered yet. Look I actually face a law when customs officials in a traditional way. I would visit the Klein design it for them etcetera now because it's all online it basically the customer feels like they're in control. I helped him along the way I I give them ideas. And I can customize any element they want it's not just a matter of choosing assize in a fabric if they want to add any other element they can do that in I've start thought it doing it that way. I have not had a single complaint in re body loves WHAT THEY GONNA get now. If a customer ease I represent shore we do also scale drawings for them And sketches really get a lot of issues like like the customers that I get now people who want to do it themselves. They don't WanNA design a- and you know they they just feel in control of the whole design prices and it's very satisfying for them but look the biggest challenge for me was finding the supplies those allies. It could work with with ready. made it was. That align was difficult enough because I was so seeing. Aw offshore and finding supplies that could you know do minimum order quantities. That would be flexible in that. All sides could develop the product with the quality standards that I required. It was very difficult. I actually went through about two hundred. Supplies is by even had to teach myself a little bit of Chinese thought. Could get tricky cue. which is a bit like baseball? Bet The Chinese as us. I tried like Indonesian Indian companies and nobody could get the right quality. Eighty four Masar yet. It took a while may define a supplier but until I action found one. That was was happy for me to train them. Sorry I train them through. Video is in like I said initially was fruit. Strapping soit wasn't like I could travel traveled there and talk to as they were just very genuine people who wanted to help. I said look this is my idea. I don't have any in money in. What I'm willing to do? Is is take she end. Thanks of bullet. They provided my inventory. Three off a free of charge for about six months. Sorry I built a very very strong relationship with them and now the next stat. Once I went to cost to made that was another difficult. Poss- I've actually Game on the Gold Coast here Estrella area and that was really good bye kept it very lice Gal. Because I didn't want to spend too much. I didn't WANNA have to charge my my clients even more money for my products. I'm just sort of made it work between international than also making my products likely as well talk about that strategy a little bit. Are you sourcing fabric from one area of the world and dropping your manufacturer and then they're providing a custom custom a drapery for your clients and then sending it to you. So absolutely one of the biggest strategies May to be able to offer a A good price product is for made souls the fabrics direct from the mills. Otherwise it's just basically impossible not I'm doing the same thing. So yeah I mean whilst I try to under promise in either deliver. Generally I do promise promise like.

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