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Bills could start coming down. I'm Jeff label. Appreciate that Jeff, it's three 48. It's traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, we're going to Dave in the traffic center. If you're going from Baltimore toward Elk ridge, 95, southbound slow toward a crash after 100 before one 75, the left side is blocked. Baltimore, Washington Parkway, heavy between the beltways, northbound inside the capitol beltway, delays easing out of Riverdale, broken down car after four ten was moved out of the left lane, both Parkway lanes were open northbound. Road 100 westbound to the rams to 29, debris, one of those ramps remains blocked, likely the northbound ramp toward elegant city. 50 from buoy to the bay bridge to the eastern shore, eastbound heavy but steady across the severan river, brief delay now at the bay bridge, but two way traffic in effect. And with eastbound delays easing through Queenstown and the crash after green spring probe cleared two 70 volume delays north of Germantown and onto I 70 west in Frederick. Beltway outer loop between New Hampshire and university boulevard, police escorting a pedestrian or two off the interstate highway, lanes are open. It's been very slow around the big curve toward the legion bridge and on the ITER loop out of tysons across the bridge and up to the spur and eastbound from old Georgetown road right through Silver Spring, congested on many portions and prince George's county. And from the beltway and forestville, southbound on route four, caller says beyond the suitland Parkway, near dower house road, it's one disabled in the center of the road, flared off, traffic channeling around it, into D.C., two 95 northbound heavy, 11th street bridge to eastern avenue, from Arlington, inbound traffic is still heavy and slow across the 14th street bridge to go on to the freeway eastbound near the third street tunnel where the broken down vehicle should by now be clear. But back on the express lane span of the 14th street bridge, and the crash is still blocking the right side. Now it's on the right shoulder in both lanes are open in the express lanes, but again, heavy to go east through Southwest D.C. and Virginia, 66 westbound, very slow once again between centerville and Gainesville, lanes are reduced for a long-term semi permanent work zone between the monastic exits, only three lanes get by. 95, it'll be heavy southbound longest delays from Quantico through Stafford county. It's getting a little better in prince George's county northbound heavy and spots woodbridge newington and toward the beltway in Springfield. The Washington ballet performs beloved works by master choreographer George Balanchine, live at wolf trap on September 14th. Tickets on sale now at wolf trap dot org. I'm Dave dollin double your TOP traffic. Thank you, Dave. We've got a live weather report now with storm team fours Mike stifford. Mike, it's really nice when the weather sort of goes along with one holiday weekend plans. Yeah, the good weather will continue for your travels for the next couple of days. I don't have any rain in the forecast until Sunday afternoon. Into the evening hours part of cloudy skies. It is warm, but the humidity is still fairly low and the layers don't partly de mostly cloudy not as cool as last day

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