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Right I mean that sounds behind, and so that means for about each of the show itself and came to agreements on some of the things that could be. Changed to help me with what I needed in the show which? I mean obviously straight up. I wanted to be able to. Spend more time with people individually. I want to be able to go into the House and see people in their natural habitat so that way. It didn't feel like they're putting on a show for me. It was more like this. You actually are when you're inspecting of what. What the where? I wanted relationship counseling for myself in the top like four or five girls during the process. Set Lady could work things out on a deep level, and then wanted continued support for myself, and that person that I chose after the fact. Because I saw the. Pressure that Ryan Rachel or put under, and I thought it was extremely unfair. I think Brian really bad rap in deserve even though like I said my things Orion on the show I said them out of frustration of losing the girl that was with do that an. So, there's conversations. And Yeah. I think those are smart requests. Yeah I didn't want to. I don't want to be a Dick about it. I didn't want to be like a I'm better than this, or this is what I deserved I was just saying like I. I do actually want to fall in love and get married at some point, but I I want to. You'll make it under my terms kind of thing. This is my life. It's my long term. It's not just a short term goal for me. I understand the Shokhin. Progress my life and my career in many ways that it would otherwise, but at the same time I was confident enough that I could do that on my own under my own artwork, and so I wasn't gonNA sacrifice some why beliefs You mentioned not wind to feel the pressure of needing to get engaged or being forced into it. Did it frustrate you to see the following seasons? Go like this are a switcheroo. Colton fence jump. No engagement Peter failed engagement no relationship. It made me think like maybe way too much pressure on myself for that. Because I read too much of. What everybody was saying in social media. World's saying that it was all about the engagement. Nothing else mattered, and that just goes to show that. No, it's about following your heart in picking the relationship. That's best for you in any form of that comes in and. I think at the time. It was still so much about engagement that. was just really frowned upon by those people who are watching this the show solely for the engagement. You say a lot of this Peter in It's of the tone of this is what you were doing at the time now. Don't ask you now. How many years out. Would you have changed anything that would you have done any of this different? What I have. No do I sometimes wonder what life would have been like. Had I done things different all the time? You know what if I would have? Said, yes, and just bend the Bachelor you. What would life be like now? Would I be with someone right now? I, Be Your girl a where most of the people seem to go I don't know. How would I change? When my business have its doors closed on me like. Scared to death watching tens of thousands of dollars walk out the door every week like. It could have been life changing, but at the same time. All the attentions, a already I wasn't the bachelor. I can't imagine what you as the bachelor experience on a regular basis. You are forever Ben the Bachelor. Your everywhere. Show Cuba. I mean in in United as we talked about, we both had our own I. don't go damage I. Don't know what you would like our own issues from it. You know you. We both emotionally are trying to still recover from. This Week I. In all vulnerability like I went on texting Brita Ashley saying Hey. I'm sorry that sometimes I feel use ego host. A. I'm sorry that sometimes like I don't feel like I. AM match up to what you need as a partner here and it mostly comes replace like I hear and I see it affects me in an still affects me thirty one year old man. Five years later. And so when you when you say this stuff, Alone right, and I think actually could say in probably says anything like this stuff affects you. In the same breath. It does change your life forever in good ways, and so at least next question with you is. Do you want any of that stuff? Do you? WanNa, be in La and New York and do you want a beater relationship right now and then also please explain like where your business now like how how is this brand new venture that unite talked about I don't know what six months ago we texted back and forth battle. Like how is that you? Don't want to be in a relationship. Yes, I want to find love of my life. When have a beautiful house so the picket fence in like six dogs? Hell? Yeah, I WANNA have little kids I want to. Wish woman carts..

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