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All right students time for math grabby calculators. He was told there would be no math for you. Math PTSD for Democrats complained five points of billion for a border wall was too expensive. According to the Washington Times, that's chump change compared to what many of the congressional Democrats and nearly all those fifteen declared I declared Democrats at the presidential race are now rallying behind the price tag isn't in the billions. But in the tens of trillions. I've used this. I've used this example before I'm gonna use it. Again, we have a problem in American society where we just do we we do not fathom and respect large figures of dollar amounts, especially when it comes to government spending. Sure win survivor I launch for both big survivor fans trust as I'm sure drew is very quick to declare tonight survivor. Yes. It is. Hey, we started. Encouraged me if I'm wrong, but but my recollection of that show was was the million dollar prize. When that show loss was huge. If you survive this million dollars. Right. And that was like the motivation behind it. This is. Do they even talk about the dollar amount anymore? Barely. Yeah. It's more about a million dollars. Doesn't mean anything to anybody anymore? The more about just wanna win survivor. Right. Yeah. So it's so it's tough. I think people get lost in it. And they don't realize is how much money this all is. So we can add it up. So you start with Medicare for all you're looking at estimates of about thirty two trillion over the next decade. Then you get a green new deal. According to one study, they proposed greet new deal would cost taxpayers five point four trillion over ten years or almost forty thousand dollars per household. Forty thousand dollars per household. That's a more than some households. Make. Yeah, that's a medium income someplace. That's crazy. Zero net zero emissions transportation system. He's no what they wanna do here. Right. This is another part of the environmental proposal would require two point seven trillion or twenty thousand dollars per household. So now, you're at sixty thousand dollars per household when you went to handle all together on top of what was the what was the to get halfway for for governor? Tim walls is plan. That was eight point five. There was like eighty five hundred dollars per household. I know I know what the the the price tag was eighty point two billion twelve hundred dollars per house. That's right. That's right of the next by twenty thirty. Okay. So now between the government's sixty or seventy so you we're at about one hundred thousand dollars per taxpayer. Now if you couple in. Tim walls with other neighbor to just getting warmed up. So then you get democrat backed welfare programs right that together would cuts would cost each American family five hundred eighty two thousand or eight eighty point six trillion and total. So we're at like five point four trillion two point seven trillion for the admissions guaranteed. Green housing four point two trillion. And then another eighty trillion for you guarantee, jobs and universal healthcare. Okay. Yeah. Then you got the loss of as many as ten million jobs in the oil gas and coal coal industries. Right. Yeah. Yeah. All together. And the democratic proposes are projected to cost about ninety two trillion dollars over ten years. We're not even done yet, though the. This is it doesn't register to people. No, no. Because th that does an unreal amount of money. Yeah. You being the boss? At least we're trying on the boss now trying to bankrupt the country trying to try to bankrupt needs to you have to destroy to build. Ever taught you that another hot proposal will gaining momentum on the left is the so-called universal basic income. So that would give families making less than one hundred thousand dollars a check of two six thousand dollars from the government every year. Americans are were not enough to cover things we just listed and. And that does not account for human and behavior. Man, people that do not earn their money are so quick to go and just wasted and spend it it's a constant trope in movies because it's the reality. We talk about it all the time. You know, we we all make adjustments when you make less you cut back and you get used to a certain lifestyle. If you end up making more money quickly, usually you end up not banking and putting that money away, you go and start buying all the stuff that you buy when you were having to be frugal, you end up handing six thousand dollars in the majority of the American public willy nilly, you really if they're gonna go put that away it up the Clark Howard and see what kind of investment plan I ship with that. Okay. Guys. This is five hundred dollars. In this out. Someone who's responsible for money. Why is that your voice? Well, I'm just doing like Clark Howard because you know, just very needed. Your money away because it's been very Cur- Mudgene. Right. It's curmudgeon. It's not it's a difficult thing. This will be a pleasant voice saving. Money's not fun. Nobody wants to go and put money away and not use it. You have to do. Right, right. It's like Trump telling my son, this is working, and he's trying to save up a bunch of money. So he can pay for his first flight training when he gets when he gets older it's really hard though, because he he still he's in high school, and he's he's working multiple times a week is way more responsible than I was at his age. He's probably got more money in it is checking account than I have in mind and ours right now for the whole household. It's really tough. Because you know, here's that money, and he wants to go and buy stuff, and I had to ride this line with him of well, you're saving for something in the future. But at the same time, you should be able to enjoy it a little bit. All right getting back to here. Oh in college tuition. Yeah. Forgot about that haven't gotten there yet. Fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage that would impose new causing the government on every single level. Now, the latest craze Elizabeth Warren talking about this yesterday is reparations payments for slavery. Okay. But only if you charge the people that have actually owned slaves in their lifetime. Okay. All right. So all the people who have been slaves. Okay. Okay. All right. I by those rules. I'm on board. All right. By the twentieth. Fifteenth study. But professor university of Connecticut estimates that the cost of of reparations would be between five point nine trillion and fourteen point two trillion. The obviously are not abiding by drools standards of which we. I don't know who's getting that. Add it all up the estimated ten year cost of creating the Democrats socialist utopia envisioned by the like, the VOC Bernie Sanders Warren and others reaches well, north of one hundred trillion dollars well north of that like international falls north. Of one hundred trillion dollars one hundred trillion dollars, and that number is so big that you can't even you. You would be completely intellectually dishonest. If you tried to argue, well, you know, what if we just do some of it. No. Twenty five trillion ten trillion. Yeah. He come. I come on and Trump better win. Trump better win or we better make sure that we retain cold of congress. Yeah. Well. Act together because this stuff is absolutely crazy. And it will it will absolutely bankrupt this country. There's no there's no way that the the wealth that they are looking to tax the living hell out of in order to pay for all of these. They will flee they will flee quicker quicker than you can say snap. They will be gone. And where is this money going to come from? And can we get off the planet? I mean, if one of flea, I don't know where I wanna. Fleet of the stars six five one nine eight nine five eight five five. All right. Speaking of of of of taking your money governor, Tim walls takes his gas tax push on the road. Right. He went to he went to a noca-. Right. He went to a dangerous railroad crossing push for his gas tax bother when he was there to ask the question if he doesn't get the gas tax are they still going to fix the railroad crossing. Or is it or is it just gonna or as people to support people just going to die? Unless we that's what this argues. What do he say when he says, you know, what he's at the gala? We don't fix this railroad crossing gonna die. Do you want to die drew? I don't okay dome. But you know, I don't know that a gas tax is necessary. Okay. Hi. This is Jason Lewis. And it's time for today's Minnesota moment despite what the media cheerleaders. Tell you all is not well in our state. I remember visiting my grandparents in north and south Minneapolis, enjoying our quality of life and vacationing at the lake the good life has time magazine wants famously put it is slipping away liberal swapped, good neighborhoods for urban planning big insurance gets bailouts and you get higher healthcare costs welfare fraud. Congestion uncontrolled immigration vacation of the lake. Nope. The mom and pop resorts can't afford, the taxes new home in the suburbs. The met council's.

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