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I don't necessarily remember a dog but there is this. How ruka who is tagging along at some point one of the characters jokes that their lone wolf and cub disorder a reference a japanese reference to a long running manga movie series about an old samurai in a young samurai going on a road trip but it feels formulaic in that way. If there is a through line through all of this the thing that i hang onto is that we have this ex-con outta prison who's teamed up for reasons that are obscure with a little girl who she's not an orphan. He may be attracted to hiroko because he was an orphan but she believes her mom is still alive in somewhere in this red light district. They gotta find her and the more that they look the more they think. Maybe she's been killed. I really needed to see these to meet up in this movie. I mean you see re you come into town and get attacked for being yakuza in a drugstore but he was in the drugstore. Getting dog food to take to this girl. Why is this girl here. How did they meet up. Why is he interested in this girl. If they're teasing it to have it all be a haver reveals later on. I don't think that worked. I think we are supposed to be straining on her tiptoes leaning over the cliff going. Why and again the connection i can make some of this is pulled from the prologue that really emphasized the fact he was an orphan. Is he's you know. He's a softy for kids in trouble like for his own background. He doesn't know yet that her mom knows his childhood. Sweetheart that you me the girl that he's probably trying to find himself he hasn't seen since he went to prison. She is the aunt of young little girl that will come out in the middle of the movie so even more reason for him to tag along with her and you guys have me a little bit concerned that the version that i watched is somewhat mistranslated. Was she calling him uncle throughout the movie that you guys watched no no no see my translation. She called him uncle every time they had a conversation so i was very confused. I did wonder about that because yeah she talks about like her mom's sister and people say brother and all of that. I'm like some of these characters are orphans. I don't know if we're talking about a literal familial tree lineage here that may just be a term of affection for someone. That is avuncular but not actually my uncle. That's the way i to take it in the game. i know ri. You will call in the sheiky brother because they were raised in the orphanage together but then he'll be like so. How's your brother doing so. It's obvious like this is a the orphaned brotherhood versus the actual bloodline and yeah. I wonder in yakuza. If those those terms are you suddenly get brothers when you sign up even maybe. That's even a reason to do it. You feel like you're connected to a family if you never had one. That could be quite appealing ard again cultural ignorance. I'm just going to raise my hand. And say i as a westerner don't know these things but it didn't confuse me too much. I understand what it is. For a gangster to team up with a little girl seeking a woman who may or may not be the answer to both of their lives and it's also just shorthand in film like this to just make our main character little more heroic. You know it softens him you know he can be a big bad ass who's gonna kick the crap out of bad guys but he also has a soft side that he can take care of a young girl right in the meantime like we've already mentioned inspector dante is i think they're six storylines that's really the first and primary one in my mind. The second one is inspector dante. I think he's the guy that put curio away. Am i wrong. I get the sense win when they do meet up. They talk about how they've spent the last ten years. And i don't think this inspector is by being outside of prison had any happier time than career. You did inside. His wife left him and he has a pretty miserable. Live east the one character in this home movie. That seems to have an emotional. Beat i'm not going to say an arc because it never gets resolved but a beat. Now there we'll see. I mean it does have a final note where most of his drama is spent his. He's called in on a bank. Robbery is specifically in this red district. There are two guys in ski masks that have busted in taken hostages out of the employees. And there's an argument as to whether dot dante who is section four is in command of this over section one cops and again. This is cultural ignorance. My sense is that you know this is. Fbi versus street cop. I don't know but there's a argument about rank and they're all piled into a barber shop with the korean owner. Always trying to the humor is he's always trying to present them with. Don't beer and just make them play nice even though there's all this tension yeah i mean this. This is playing pretty well for comedy. Even though you know there's some language barriers there. I mean anybody can understand being cramped into this tiny little space in the hottest day of the year. Trying to be quiet. They're on a stakeout. It's working you know as somewhat tongue in cheek type of comedy for me here. I'm getting a few chuckles out of it. Yeah and getting some chuckles but the bank robbers. I mean it's funny. Because at times i'll find them rather amusing but there's like a huge thing about they want to shoot a hostage and they're just going to shout each other's name at each other and like push each other on the shoulder like kids in a beginning of a playground fight. Neither one of them wants to be the one to shoot the hostage. Yeah the cops. Themselves referred to them as a stand up comedian act and we're never to see them as anything different there. Bumbling crooks but it's worth pointing out in japan. Guns are very rare. Unlike america where you feel like anybody could get a gun and go in some place and try to rob it. It's a mystery as to how they even got these weapons and it will take a while before we meet the arms dealer. It creates this mystery. If you need another one because there's a lot of confusion about where are the guns coming from. That will be a later. Character will meet so with this bank robbery though. Is this connected to the ten billion yen missing. Because i feel like they went in and there was no money in the vault for them to steal crack because that money was supposed to be in there. Yes okay somebody withdrew money ten billion from a bank and the police talk about this. I mean it's easy to miss with subtitles and so much going on but apparently to withdraw ten billion yen to have that cash on hand the central bank had to pull all the cash out of the regional banks and so they chose to rob a bank on the day that the bank had no money. Okay right there's all slapstick but there is. It does build into that mystery of who took the money because then we'll find out that win. The truck left with all of the yen in it. It disappeared as well and the boss that owns all of this money. He's gone as well. Kazama is nowhere to be found so again. Was this an inside job. A lot of different angles here and one of the characters that we cut away too. I think one of the most mysterious takes the longest to figure out is park. We have this korean. Who's hanging out at a nightclub bleeding. Like just sitting there with his hand like dripping blood. he's being watched observed. I almost felt like he was a hostage for a while. But it just turns out that these men worked for the to- joe boss. They know that this korean wants to meet with the tow joe boss but they don't know where he is eventually. He just starts making delicious cocktails. Yeah as a way of saying thank you for bandaging my hand i do think park may be my favorite character in this movie. He doesn't say a whole lot. He doesn't accomplishable lot..

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