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At two o'clock. CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Wendy Gillette. President Trump is meeting with American pastor. Andrew Brunson in the Oval Office right now Brunson was freed yesterday after a two year. Detainment in Turkey. The president says his administration associated long and hard to bring him home. I want to thank. We've been dealing and we actually until this. We had a very good relationship. I was actually very surprised that we didn't work this out. Couple of months ago Brunson also spoke we're so grateful to people in congress has stood with us. Prayed for us. Offers. So we wanna thank you on. There are reports missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi recorded his own murderer inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on his apple watch. A congressional source confirms the story to CBS President Trump is vowing severe punishment. If the Saudi government is tied to kashogi disappearance. CBS news correspondent Errol Barnett. President Trump makes it clear that while all the finger pointing at the Saudi Royal family for being responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance and suspected murder. President Trump says nobody knows specifically who is responsible, and he notes that the Saudi Crown prince has denied being responsible in Florida's panhandle. Life has become a struggle for so many after hurricane Michael don't want anything free on building pasta, and we have no food. No, no, nothing. State officials have lifted some of the bureaucratic roadblocks to get money to victims more. Quickly. I'm Peter King and Tallahassee some twenty one hundred people were before did missing after the store, but rescue crews say they found more than five hundred twenty alive endured adores searches at one case, they heard people crying for help from inside a mobile home where they've been trapped for two days. The death toll has risen to seventeen an apology from North Carolina's flagship public university for the schools history of slavery as chancellor of the university of North Carolina Chapel Hill I offer. Our universities deepest apology for the profound. Injustices of slavery chancellor, Carol fault. The school used slaves to build and maintain the campus the apology came during the school's two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, the Taliban says it held talks with the US special envoy in cutter to try and bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. CBS news military analyst, Jeff because I think the Trump administration and the US military, quite frankly has accepted the fact that after. Seventeen years. A political solution is the only.

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