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You're there and right now, blue water bridge traffic for Trump's trying to cross into the U. S. Right now. It's about a 50 to 60 minute delay at this time. Definitely wanna watch out of your head. Now through they're taking a look at your forecast tonight mostly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the evening and a low of around negative six degrees. Tomorrow. Gonna be cloudy throughout the day. Expect a high near 20 degrees. There could be some scattered flurries as well. Later in the afternoon, and right now it is mostly cloudy and 18 degrees. From the town hall dot com newsroom, The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra will be performing live at the Michigan Theater this spring and recording those performances to stream. Virtually the group will perform three concerts and encourage them to enjoy enjoy the patrons to enjoy take out Wilson local restaurants. While they enjoy the concert. The performances will be available through June 30th. The group has not perform together in almost a year. Que line service along Woodward Avenue in Detroit's expected resume later this year. The rail passenger service was shut down last year. Do the Corona virus outbreak officials with them One rail. See the service helped rebuild the Woodward corridor. When it was launched and it will help the area returned vitality when it goes back online. The group plans on returning operation while following covert 19 guidelines issued by the government. Michigan State police troopers slightly injured after an accident last night on to 75 Rommel is the incident happened Monday night Does the trooper was investigating a one car accident on the exit ramp to 94 38 year old Monroe man tried to get around the traffic backup by driving on the shoulder and hit the car, which hit the police officer. A man was arrested in the police officer is recovering. We have a traffic another four times our I'm Tim Cook on the Patriot has been one of 1.5 and am 1400. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money? Five ways. Cash flow money in your pocket. Each month Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property, using the right map appreciation, real estate doubles in value.

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