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Well we just to name a lot worse and the reason why I'm saying this I looked up the old one out with last night he's like getting mold and what I need to go on five can you do see a line there something like that you know who wouldn't really many games with that sorry we got to cut you off because the the phone quality that sounded like you were under the sea with the little mermaid but look I I heard him talking about the the pitching in the high ERA yes the height that the Tigers have a high ERA and you know I'll tell you this there's no quick solution to this because of you when you look at the the best pitchers in the Tigers farm system they're all at double A. you heard Alavi look what a month or two ago talking about the possibility of bringing some of these guys up but he said he didn't want to bring up my eyes or manning this year they're a double leg but at triple a he said that he wanted to bring up beau burrows and Kyle Funkhouser once they return from their injuries they're both back from their injuries I'm not sure how Burroughs a done but if you thought things were bad already with the Tigers looking at this team in and their rebuild well guess what Kyle phone calls returned from his injury and was so bad they demoted to double A. they demoted him to double lay so just anything all right maybe there's a little bit of a sign of hope for a new flashy piece we could see appear even though it's not manning a mais bloom he gets sent back down to double A. right now unfortunately in terms of major league ready pitchers there isn't anybody that's why even if they were to do it I'd like them to do is just get rid of Jordan Zimmermann we see more of Gregory Soto more Brian carpenter if Casey my eyes had not gotten hurts I would have said Hey now might be the time to bring him above him up but he is just returning from an injury he just returned a double a what a couple of days ago so.

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