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Professor, United States, Syrian Army discussed on Coast to Coast AM


The hawker welcome back to coast to coast on our final segment with professor steven cohen steven as we look at these possibilities now one what's beginning to unfold where do you see it headed what do you think what your gut tell you i know you deal with fact but what's your gut tell you on just what could happen looks starting syria though i think you may mean here in the united states yes uh the syrian army or with russian mainly and secondarily iranian health has taken back most of syria from isis but fighting goes on in a relatively small part of syria and in that small part russians by syrian forces and american back i don't know what you call them somebody some people think they're g hottest some people think they're free democrats but these proxies backed by rushing united states are fighting in close quarters and recently uh a russian aircraft was shot down and the number of russians kill we don't know how many the report's range from two hundred two ten but in syria we see the kind the cuban missile crisis repetition good i talked about the top of the show we are at risk of killing or be killed by russians americans that is what will happen laugh well it'd be a sudden escalation in which case for the first time in history were at war with russia and then we're talking about another escalation using nuclear weapons we don't know so to me that's the most immediate risk their today here at home it remains the inability or the reduced capacity of the only president we have and so far as i know he was legitimately elected to make sure that if such a crisis abroad with russia homeless to before he came through diplomacy of.

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Professor, United States, Syrian Army discussed on Coast to Coast AM

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