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The lions and the packers to wells thought on the total spoiler alert for new listeners and viewers. Sometimes we agree with the bet all model. Sometimes we don't and that's okay. We're trying to give you all the best information possible for you to determine what the bed is that you are going to place but one one thing that you can always count on us for here on whether it's the actual vacuum bottle whether it's the other shows here on the network we do the work so you literally do not have to. Can't let's give our thoughts on the total now forty nine tonight in lambo green bay in detroit. I know that might intuitively seem low to people who are thinking about the game. And they're going. Well wait a minute. Like it's aaron rodgers and the packers at home typically a great offense although they weren't to the week one and man the lions played like a really high scoring crazy game against san francisco. Like why is this total league average and there's a couple explanations for that. I think one is as you mentioned a little bit too close last segment. The deceiving nature of the final score in the lions. Niner's game the idea that okay. The niners actually had an insane amount of yards average more than eight yards per play in the game. Lions much more of a league average yards per play any remember like that was a home game to league average yards per play against the sanford defense. That was losing guys in the middle of the game and having to adjust on the fly really not like a above average percentile offensive performance from from detroit lions for the totality of that game. Now we we spend that ford to this game. And i have the same question which i'm measure. The lines can score that much. We also know based on some of the injury report stuff that you gave out Like who's healthy at running back for the lions notre tire williams going to play it just like how can the lions really score enough points to this number. I think the packers offense scoring is obviously something has a little bit more consistency to you'd expect the packers state like a baseline number of points in this game. Something in the mid twenties. I think would be a good baseline for just a starting point for them. But can the lion score enough to hit the total whether told totals that low just like really one of the worst teams in the leagues. A combination of dan campbell. Jared goff playing true road game to which. I don't really don't think it'd be understated in this situation injuries. Everywhere and a deceiving one box. That really to me explains why we're seeing a total of fifty two or something like that. I agree completely and one thing. I'll touch on ken and we talked about it a lot last year. Kind of green bay samoan these games. When they're when they're when they're scoring points like how many times we see this at the end of the year last year when the packers. Just go on these marathon drives and just boa constrictor and squeeze the life teams end up with a touchdown and then get the ball back. Brenick wesley that. It's another long time consuming. I think that's something that could come into play tonight against a pretty bad defense honestly with detroit right absolutely who is now missing okuda as you mentioned too like at this just sets up for again like the packers offense to be again. It doesn't score a ton because like points can be kind of luck based thing if you bet before to the red zone..

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