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And in the in the coming years well. I don't think i'd be able to show my face in pittsfield massachusetts again. Norwood my very good friend. Pat gormley past president of the pittsfield massachusetts balance. County mayo ireland. Sister city committee If i didn't mention that a pittsfield massachusetts Are also a sister city relationship and a very strong one I have to imagine. Well you know since covid jumped in in twenty twenty And we were in ireland. Those five months from you know we couldn't get home when our march eighteenth flight was canceled on march fifteenth. And we we were people like to say strain that i prefer marooned. Because i if you're gonna get stuck somewhere ireland's get stuck by during that time When did you come into office. May two thousand nineteen may okay so generally speaking the folks in balance and the folks in pittsfield back and forth across the ocean at least one group in each direction each year sometimes more often and they often the folks in ireland are here in massachusetts during march for saint patrick's day and the folks. Here go over here usually in july or sometimes other months but we're going to take a quick commercial break.

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