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Cash offers not available in all areas Michael Irvin okay Michael every will be available to us in about seventeen minutes time he's calling in from cowboys training camp with the whole conversation the Jerry Jones says that Emmitt Smith was the last rushing champion to win a Superbowl and pointing out that Zeke last year's rushing champion thus the last year's rushing champion not a necessary ingredient it's a crucial ingredient not a necessary ingredient winning a Super Bowl which by the way is absolutely true I mean since two thousand we write off this list that the that the top of the show just quickly headed here these are the names of all the leading rushes of Super Bowl winners since two thousand not a single one of rushing champion Sony Machel McGarrett blunt twice Ronnie Hillman Jonas gray Marshawn Lynch ray rice Ahmad Bradshaw branded Jackson that's this past decade going into the last decade Pierre Thomas fast Willie Parker Brandon Jacobs Joseph a die fast Willie Parker again Corey dealt now now now we're in the now and they're now in the patriot era we did have about fourteen hundred yards a Corey Dillon Curtis Martin led the league of former pages SO two patriots there no way Chad and I know jet fans are like wait a minute Mike okay Antoine Smith Michael Pittman Antoine Smith again and Jamal Lewis much okay so here's so here in this is a perfect example in the Brady Belichick era here are the bill running backs of their championship years Antoine Smith for the first two years Corey Dillon then you've got Jonas gray then you've got the Garrett blunt then you got Sony Michelle okay that's the point question is though what about your team that you built built around at running back that happened and in terms of you know Emmitt Smith sold out nineteen ninety three coming off of his Russian championship season of ninety two yeah they want only to so Jerry realized I better sign of guess what they did win the Superbowl his teammate Michael ever perfect cast perfect guest coming up in fifteen minutes time you ready Chris Brockman for your news updates doing what you by our friends at Honda and.

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