Thaba, Rikers Island, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


And jail overnight in jail for the next thirty nights whatever they decide so uh why these guys felt they could abuse you know a a sitting judge in why did them and purposely admit pertinent information at i dunno i i wouldn't do it by did it i'd be handcuffed perp bob mugshot it and and sent to the pokey i'd be sharon a i'd be sharing a bed with some guy named thaba says the poked the jail in jail while i went to jail if you remember to speak to prisoners at rikers island that that they call it the poll i'm just saying jail pulled to a poll call jail who calls it the polke i wouldn't want to live in rikers rikers and not a pleasant place um anyway i said you i said to the guys like a de guys miss mcdonald's he has missed having a girlfriend he has missed baby go for a walk in the park you guys midst not being around other violent people i said because you're gonna have choices some of you are going to to your time and never come back here and some of you are going to be stupid and you're gonna make the same dumb mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and you're going to live here the rest of your life and i said if that's your life you want no that you have the choice and then i said to them if you have dopey friends a dopey family in your life that are corrupting you and you can say no to then go home pack your bag and find a place to live elsewhere away from those bad influences in your life and then don't replace the bad influences with new bed influences stay out of trouble go wash dishes go flip hamburgers do what you have to do to survive and then work your way back in a school that was my advice to them hey listen the well we got the muller scandal uranium one we got hillary clinton should be in jail and we have one pathetic congress it all the more i see what's going on in dc i see that that we're never going to be able to clean up the mess that they have created the.

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