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Continue the discussion. It's heated and it should be heated. We should Be concerned. Don't you think? I think this is really something? Let's go to lowest calling from Cupertino. Lois, Welcome to K G. Oh, well, thank you, John. Nice start to again. I might be spitting in the wind here, but I understand that the Taliban They desperately want. Want to be recognized by the international community, so international community in my mind Has a chance to say We will recognize you. If you clean up your act, otherwise you won't be recognized. They won't get all the perks of that recognition, and I don't know if it's worth a try or not, But that's what that's the only thing I can come up with kids. No, I understand that is pressure. And there is a feeling that the, uh The Taliban want to impress the world and therefore will try to clean up their act. What bothered me tonight when I walked in to do my show Prep where all the stories explain to me why that isn't true. So the question becomes if they don't clean up their act, should there be a response from the world. And what should that response being? You're suggesting Don't recognize them. Yeah, make him a pariah lost in the desert until they do it. All right. We'll think about it and we'll see what the world says. We'll get a good indication tomorrow. I'll tell you when the When Joe Biden has his conference with all right, thanks. 41580808 10. Let me go now to Margaret calling from Sebastopol. Margaret, You have waited a long time. Go ahead. Hi, John. Thank you for taking my call. I'm going to speak to the 0.1. The Brits thought the Germans who are going to make it. Off the islands onto the mainland. They put out a model they were going to use, which they never did. Keep calm and carry on. Um we foes and I'm sure the rest of the Western world froze Afghani outset. I'm sure the Taliban would love to have those assets. There's a bargaining chip and I'm sure you know as well as I now that what saves people in situations like this is the gold that moves around the world and usually through the United Nations. But there's a financial bargaining ship. That's a big one. If and I'm saying this because I don't know. If there really are substantial assets. I don't know what the assets of the country are in terms of tangible assets. I know they have assets in terms of, uh, the natural resources and so forth. No. We froze their financial assets that were being held in the western world. You know they're going to want those back out of the banks. Yeah, but Afghanistan was not a rich country. Well know that the Western world was pouring assets to them. And where do you think those assets the bargain? And where are those assets? Now? Do you think Well, they're frozen. I don't know. I think they're in Swiss bank. I think they're not available to Afghanistan. No, but the leadership absconded with a lot of money. And I'm sure they have Swiss bank accounts and well, I don't Well, okay. I still think that's a bargaining chip. Maybe maybe, you know something is Uh, Have what closed our embassy there? Yes, we're operating out of the earth. Yeah, that was that was a tactical error because that embassy is our Country and now the gathering place to ferry people safely to the airport. Even if it's in a military convoy. Let me explain to you that was an impossibility. And I want to be crystal clear. We still have diplomatic presence. They moved the embassy staff to the airport,.

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