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Dollars just for you with the free money contest on KGO can you drive this report sponsored by quite cleaners the latest accident is getting into the Dublin interchange from the talk not about a traffic death he found five eighty before it six eight it was already heavy out of Castro valley and now it's just getting thicker and denser and the slower there may be a car in the left most lane there's definitely debris in the lanes but people are driving through that carefully south bound eight eighty an accident cleared pretty quickly from lanes but it's jam things up it was south eighty just south of Thornton the traffic back up almost all the way to ninety two almost mirroring the northbound commute which is heavy from Thornton Avenue to eighth street in Hayward incidently because of that accident southbound eight eighty eastbound eighty four is extra heavy from before newer coming away from the Dumbarton span out of San Francisco north one once crammed from before Cesar Chavez to the bay bridge call quite for healthier environment and get big savings could clean the air ducts carpet it's natural stone tile and grout mark all backed by Cloyd satisfaction guarantee that's the court commitment to you call one eight hundred four quite today quite for a healthier environment so I did it again no man stop with the call what they want me to give the phone number again one eight hundred four court or court dot com for details Sunday afternoon the clouds and fog rolling over the bay again tonight lows in the mid forties to low fifties the cooling trends tomorrow continues we're expecting some light rain.

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