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From politicians looking for the exits washington congressman dave reichert says he believes ryan and it's a real reason when i met with the speaker in september to make him aware that i would not be taking reelection we talked about family and i could see in his face and his facial expression in this is that family met a lot to him republican strategist randy pepple however things ryan who second in line to the presidency behind vice president pence he thinks ryan has a lofty position in mind i think that paul ryan is taking the long view and we'll see him the running for the presidency if not in twenty twenty twenty twenty four so wild pepple thinks there's a presidential run in store record fields ryan needs to recharge his batteries look i've been through tough elections paul's been through tough elections really it comes down to you know point in your life where you were you know it's time for you to leave and and spend some time quality time with the most important people in your life and and obviously everyone knows that's your family randy pepple they i think that it's clear that you're not gonna see congress take on a lot substantively remainder of this year and next year while see who's in the majority smoke rather than fat unknown speaker ryan decided he walks through his name to the next level and that's going to require not being in the house of representatives so why would paul ryan run in twenty twenty after all president trump might be seeking reelection at that point well i think that's a long way wait for president trump i mean his attention span doesn't quite get him to the next commercial break so i think to assume that he will want to be running for the presidency in two thousand twenty and that he would want to serve as president kill twenty twenty five i think that's a stretch i think there's a good chance he decides to walk away after one term and therefore we'll see a race for the republican nomination starting in january twenty twenty should be noted president trump has already announced he is running in twenty twenty so it remains to be seen whether pebbles prediction is political science fiction or if he's picked up on something in the future of the republican party charlie harger komo news.

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