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The diplomatic chops or foreign policy chops to to go toe to toe with bolton but if she's not there to to say daddy don't start world war three i feel like john bolton could gradually kit can move the goalposts that vista president this is your legacy mr president you are a steward of the country mr president you can't be the one that allows a random develop nuclear bomb on your watch even if no evidence of such a thing exists and you know can convince you know he could convince trump that i've got the plan of how we decapitate kim jong un and don't worry the only be maybe two hundred thousand casualties in seoul seoul will get hit with artillery but we'll rebuild soul so we'll beautiful soul be built beautiful trumpet organizational do it i feel like he's that kind of person that he bolton himself while a brilliant guy and a competent guy has has a blind spot about his own mistakes you wouldn't one be brilliant and make absolutely horrendous mistakes this is not a person that ever seems to have you know setting i would do this differently or we could have done this differently it's a real maximalist position to everything and again like i said hyper competent and not not an ideolog like a steve bannon steve bannon had this you know you know nationalist worldview and and and that and i think he just found a a vessel in trump to kind of ride it eroded as long as he could bolton's like he's not a media guy he's he's he's this is what he wants this is what he's always this this is what he is always worked for his is what he studied for to be somebody like a national security adviser if he could be secretary of state or secretary defense.

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