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Hi guys sean monkey macanese monkey for short what you need to know now is that brown chicken brown cow you'll love it well you know personally we could use your money but what you need to do is go out and like our facebook page number to give us a review on whatever podcast ability you have go out to google play gives us a good review cried inscribed your podcast that helped her numbers helps us with advertise everything it makes it look good actually and the report and this is important come close to this speaker you can go out to patriotic and support us on patriots compatriot dot com slash bc dc podcasts you can support us at whatever level of support you manage i don't want you to give us money you can't do it i want you to give us some money and we'll give you back some loves well we'll get you back some stuff talk about you on the radio who knows but in the end supporting us helps keep the show going subscribing to the podcast gives us better numbers liking facebook page always know when the show's coming so monkey your you you're together who could you see on the next show for information on becoming a sponsor advertising with us or becoming a guest on her show visit us at brown chicken brown cow show dot com all information in this show is copyright two thousand eighteen by the brown chicken brown cow show and podcast and mary you creative solutions all rights reserved.

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