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And if he ends up good joey barton a couple of years then we can talk about what is going to do for buster and do you care if that's quick approaching your you're incredibly subtle golf anytime i just even sideswipe golf reference thank you see there it is any in all honesty when buster finishes the year with fewer than ten home runs how much criticism should he come under i've talked to you about this and the whole thing he should be he should have been hitting two all year he should have been in the tool all year and for me this is the best spot for him he could hit hit over three hundred if he was hitting two eighty with nine okay now we're gonna talk but he's not doing that by the way max scherzer lifetime against the giants four and four with the four zero three year eight fifty one innings sixty punch outs that's not that much compared to others who was that again sure against jess okay real quick before we go 'cause i got daily dose of dubs joe joe mauer hall of famer because you're you're bringing up buster buster as joe mauer now no joe with it comes to leadership and titles and plus all the accolades as a hitter buster has it joe mauer doesn't on that i talked to a minnesotan wants the guy almost punched me in the face when i suggested that joe marra wasn't a hall of famer joe mauer was a hall is a hall of famer how do you continue to catch for a couple more years he's a career three zero eight hitter with over two thousand hits okay but look at how many came as a catcher came as a first baseman deitch that's the big difference as a former mvp three time gold glover how many playoff appearances i dunno not mary many three just saying i'm telling in minnesota minnesota number one the number one college recruit for football the more in baseball prospect he's going to florida state are you saying that he was the the.

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