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I am joined by Mark Schofield. Once again Mark. It's for the win now right there USA Today or USA Today touch. Wire. I found so many things over there. I forget sometimes myself. I am just forget where where you're writing cuz you always write it like 10 different places and I have to keep track and then I have you on the podcast and look like an idiot when I say the wrong one and this is perhaps routine. You can listen to all my podcast with Marc and it's the exact same thing me saying Mark, where is it again to a doctor now? It's it's better that all data and evidence of this for me when I sometimes like write something down like wait, who am I ready this for? Do I have to edit the intro that I just wrote Because I think I'm writing from one place and it's actually article for some place else. So well, the point is is that Mark is absolutely everywhere. I'm sure all of you off. Do you follow him on Twitter as well at Mark Schofield? And he does his quarterback breakdown videos, which I absolutely love and that's what we're going to talk with him mostly about today Mark and wage. I think this is where we need to start because it's where everybody is starting when we talk about the Patriots and where we're at with Cam Newton right now in terms of the Patriots quarterback of the here-and-now home and also maybe even looking Beyond here and now to the 2021 season even and.

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