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Angeles. Orange County radio station. Upon further review. I'm Bill Seward live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. The man who gave weapons to a killer. Couple in San Bernardino, wants to change his plea Enrica Marquez junior admitted to providing support to terrorists and making false statements to purchase guns. Prosecutors say in two thousand fifteen Marquez enabled saieed for rook and his wife Tosh phenolic to shoot and kill fourteen co workers at an employee Christmas party. The pair had pledged loyalty to ISIS. Both were killed by cops Marquez with his attorney John Lena told a federal judge yesterday in riverside that he wants to void his guilty. Plea Kalina said the reason for changing deplete would be revealed. In court documents expected to be filed in may Steve correctly, KFI news. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office is launching a mental health division to help inmates. DA Jackie Lacey, says many of those in jail or prison are being held because of untreated mental illnesses when they're released from jail mini ended up homeless at a rearrested for. Fences committed as a result of their illness. The effort to get treatment for mentally ill prisoners is the first of its kind in California possibly in the US Lacey also says the diversion into hospital and community settings would apply only to nonviolent inmates. More than eight thousand volunteers have helped count the number of homeless around LA county, the three day search wrapped up Friday, the homeless authorities Sabrina Diego says teams looked in cars and under bridges helps us capture a picture of what homeless looks like in the county where it's when we have concentrations, what the population looks like that all helps us provide better services. She says it will take several weeks to get the final tally last year's count showed more than fifty two thousand homeless people and the owner of a legendary Fairfax district delicatessen has died. Alan Kanter passed away at the age of eighty two the restaurant posted the news about Cantor's death Friday on its Facebook page, the twenty four hour deli on north.

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