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Doing owning a small businesses a rollercoaster, hang on and enjoy the ride with us. Good evening. Welcome to the show. Okay, We're gonna go ahead and say it. You said at the very end of the show last week. What did you say? Go Toledo. That's what it was. I knew I knew where you're going with it. I don't think you did you blindsided was that's OK. I don't like it. When I do that. That's nice. Sometimes we'll blindside didn't work last night. For the Panthers did. Yeah. They were kind of Michael Oher in the blind side was kind of off base last night was a good one. You know it. Just it just I just thought of it, right. You're not that good. There's no way you came in with I'm sorry. That's all right. Yeah, well, you know, girls yesterday. So like I got blind sided, But, you know, I kind of you know last week going to say to because we were talking about member the QuickBooks. Got the small business. They did The commercial. Yes. Remember when I was selling? I was like there it is. There's the death Wish coffee. It was rigged, and I heard you. That's a commercial and I didn't even realize it until after they swallowed. The ship was going down. The guys throwing away Yeah, well, the first commercial Yeah, good was not quite as good as the monkey. No. Whatever Party of monkey baby monkey. I can't even say it that fast. That was so stupid. It was good. I was actually freaked out that I was really freaked out. When it first came out baby legs, We'll start looking the guy's nose and tail. Call for, you Know, Remember Wizard vase, at least a diver own. I will give it that. At least it had the diaper. You know what? You know what they did their job. I'm just saying it's smart marketing because we're talking about right now because it was We're talking about exactly exactly exactly well, and you know, so remember that when you're thinking about doing something smart, like a very catchy marketing thing for your business. You know, maybe sometimes the stranger things, puppy. I think some of the best ones with the chips I mean burritos has great commercials. Cheetos. No dead is proud. I mean, that's good. I kind of like the Ryans Ville Ryan Reynolds and I was like that was like everybody don't see Guys everywhere. I didn't understand. I did it. I had always talented, but no mercy. I live there. I would love to be in the card looking again. Wouldn't you know? I have liked him since just friends. And probably before I could say right now what? I'm not going to in the air. No, no, it's moving on or something. They're gonna go Google it now. Well, you know, we talk about small, There's Reza always say, resolution. It's revolution. Still thing about rock'n'roll. That's okay too far, but now the whole community and the things that they're doing new Robert perch perch. With that. I'm glad you say that because you don't really do Well. I don't know how good it makes me nervous when I heard but I, but they're doing great things with small business and I even saw something they were having. Like, locally veneer us with Georgia, but they put this on just today. On Twitter and I said fill in the blank. Okay. You ready for this film later? Ship is Do you want me to answer? Well, I would say leadership is for qualified people. That's good. Actually the story on this later here it was about training and leadership. That's that's a great but you know things like that they provoke you to think about What leadership is what you should visit later. And what about people who lead you? What about our country? You know, and we're going to talk. I won't talk a little bit later, too. You know what should we run Our business like the government know that again, you know? You would be out of business quickly, but it makes you know that that's a great I like that because You know you're thinking, you know, it makes you ponder. Okay? What do I want A leader to be to me. So therefore what type of leader should have been with someone else and howto have had become that leader. I should be Well, you know, you know my answers. What do you want him back, and I said And I liked it. Unless they just pretended to fill it in without fill it in, and I really liked it. Didn't you know? You know what my thing is, is about leadership. I think my fill in the blank is don't knowing that you can't do it all. Major, unless you're Well, yeah. I mean, you have to know exactly how you get to the point, but I mean, even like some things like Something that we've been talking about lately and people we've talked, Tio. I mean, even in the point where it like you do too much like you get two. Big, Sure. And then you you know, it's like focus on the smart of the few things that you can do and doing really great. No. So it was kind of my thing, but one of theirs was a great answer. Others on here was leadership is not about what you can do. It's about building the platform for others to be able to succeed. You know, I agree with it completely. But I will say, you know, I think you have to qualify that with what size business are you talking about? Because there's different. There's different seasons of different phases is different. Structures that you had two different different businesses. You know what? What is your business structure? We talked about it many times. If you have someone that you know, Ruben, friend business with each other, you'll find your strengths..

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