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Gave rise to at our basic understanding blacker biljana manipulated so you know the fate this ages are everywhere in the environment and i think they've really made a big impact in biology even beyond the use in antibiotic resistance benjamin sound so how was this particular fade you use how is it able to knock out this type of bacteria uh so this particular one um were using we used as sort of a way to drive a forced tradeoff freight between antibiotic um sensitivity and fate sensitivity um because early on we found that when victory became resistant to the speech um that they suddenly were now uh susceptible to antibiotics um and so we forced sort of a trade off where we we anticipated bacteria becoming resistant to the speech um but um as a consequence it would be settled antibiotics too why ardmore drunk companies doing this kind of thing uh well i mean it's it's complicated i guess i'm like all things but i think a major um part of the problem i guess for a for a company whose interest is is you know prophet is sort of intellectual property as far as i can tell that's that's bit harder um when you're looking at live organisms but i think you know with synthetic um organisms or whatever engineered one some you can get around that problem tim you can you patent a faith that you making yeah i think you could get it electra poppy coverage over things that are manipulated so i i think that that is one but piece of the puzzle have but it has been renounced mentioned is a complicated problem i think a general antimicrobial drug discovery is underfunded compared to other areas of of of research and you know if an antibiotic works the way it should it should cure that patient in just a.

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