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Not going to go out anytime soon in ration or any other former live great qualities to have folks jeff saying this assuming mr mercy toward in his life then we had a we had the interview champions onto champions jack brisco and <hes> came in at dory and terry lewis their kaminsky harley thrown out names. I think those guys are there but that was a that was like bringing. Sam's recruiting class back to varsha to the homecoming they all boys to some degree or another he he used and they made a lot of money minimum famous more famous so that was kinda cool that that'd be really cool. I remember the after the after the show the the chocolate. The chocolate cake was prevalent. Jeff baxter wants to know back in the eighties. Mid south are remember an incident where dr death had two eight hundred and eight stitches unrest again later that night and you elaborate on exactly what happened. I always heard he took an errant elbow from brand armstrong. That's it was no more no less burr brad at dhaka work at a t._v. Bench i'm sure that bradfo dr duck if i didn't hear him so brad came forum shaver and the point of the elbow doc right above the eye opening hundred and seven hundred and eight legit stitches the conversation after the show was self cowboy says he took her to the doctor and getting soda they eh opthamologist to sewing up. Is that serious very delicate surgery. If there is such a thing and bosio shady the so the medical veterinarian for cowboys they have money but nonetheless go soeda because of activity getting done so he's asheville august. I guess i'd go home right. He said you know of course cowboy looks like he's discarding the communist. Hell no. You're not going all your book to biloxi tomorrow. You're the semi main. Get your ass of luxy hitching. I so and he said plus get to do. I'm not going to get out of here that i was all swollen and ugly. There's money here. Don't be stupid doc but dhaka this mass one hundred one.

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